Modern cars are built with systems that are highly dependent on the electrical components to function properly. Be it the battery, the alternator, or head and taillights, the electrical systems do control much of these functionalities in a car. To know if your car electricals are at place check out these signs that ensure a damaged electrical system.

  1. Improper Engine Cranks

The San Diego GMC dealer experts say that to start the car engine needs a certain amount of electrical power that the battery has to provide along with a spark to ignite the fuel of the engine.

  • If the engine in your car is not cranking out properly, you can hold it as a sign of a either a worn-out battery, a damaged alternator, or any of the electrical problems.
  • If the engine makes clicking sounds when you try turning the key to start your car, it means that the engine is not getting enough current flow into its system. Though it could be firstly a discharged battery to blame, but the starter could be suspected for the same.
  • If there is a “grinding” noise while the engine tries to crank, then it could be mainly because of a damaged starter, or sometimes a flywheel ring gear might be at fault.
  • If you are driving an old car with high mileage, then a bad cranking of the engine can be because of a faulty electrical system.
  1. Battery Issues

Issues with battery, doesn’t necessarily mean, that the battery itself is the culprit. So it is advisable not to go for replacing it without taking a look at other electrical parts. If your car battery has crossed this age, and you think it could be the battery, start checking the cables for corrosion and see if they are properly fitted to their slots. Even after all this, your car fails to start, it is better to consult a professional. If the inspection doesn’t find any fault with the battery,  then the next things to check are the alternator and other power systems of your car that make the electrical system.

  1. Car Lights are Not Working

It is needless to say, how difficult it would be to drive a car, if your car lights like head and taillights are not responding. If your car is experiencing any such light failure, the reason behind this malfunctioning is undoubtedly a faulty electrical system. The symptoms would show up first by dimming the lights indicating low system voltage or diminished charge. The reasons could be loose wires, a dying battery, or an eroded alternator belt.

Even the corrosion of electrical systems too could raise this issue. For all this coming back to their original state you would need a professional help.

  1. Blown Out Fuses

Occasionally, a car fuse might just blow out for no apparent reason. In such case, one should simply replace it. But if such things happen frequently, then it indicates a more serious problem with the electrical systems that need a good servicing and repair work.

  1. Burning Smell of Plastic or Electrical Insulation

The experts at the San Diego GMC dealer suggest that if your car smells like burning plastic or any electrical insulation, it could be an electrical malfunctioning or a short circuit. In such an event avoid driving and take the help of a service station nearby.