Crafting and implementing an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is crucial to success in the online landscape.

Keyword research

Although you will certainly need to employ more creativity and maintain a more strategic mindset than you might have five years ago, keyword research remains one of the most effective ways to boost the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Professional SEO services know that stuffing keywords into your content and hoping to see results will no longer work. Instead, you should focus on targeting long-tail keywords because, as they are more descriptive, they will better characterise the purchasing intent of your target audience and help to secure a higher conversion rate.

Product schema markups

Search engines are constantly evolving and currently, click-through rates (CTRs) and snippets are particularly important. Search engines notice sites securing particularly high CTRs in SERPs and propel those sites up the rankings.

A company such as Elevate UK provide professional SEO services in London and are eager to communicate that an excellent way to improve your CTR is to focus on schema markups. It is important to utilise every feature available to you and so everything from your choice of image to your product descriptions must be highly accurate and expressive.

Review schema markup

Online reviews now play an extraordinarily large part in the purchase decision-making process of many consumers. Review snippets will either take an average figure from all the combined ratings you have received or take a short sentence and star rating from a longer review. Often particularly effective for e-commerce websites, one review can be all it takes to convert a visitor into a customer.


E-commerce businesses deal with a large amount of personal information and consumers want to know that you will keep email addresses, passwords, address, and credit card information safe and secure. Not only will moving from HTTP to HTTPS improve your site’s user experience (UX), as Google now uses HTTPS as a ranking factor, you will be more likely to increase rankings too.

Content Marketing

All businesses benefit from implementing a solid and considered content marketing strategy. As well as helping to drive traffic, boost your domain authority (DA), and enhance your overall credibility within your niche, your on-site content will also be used by search engines as a key ranking signal.