One does not go about relocation abroad every other week. Hence, when one is faced by the task of gathering all their stuff from one country and moving to another, one ends up making one or more mistakes that lead to serious trouble in the long run. Here are seven common mistakes people make.

1. Moving Without Informing

Moving away from a country means you will probably not be returning for a very long time. Hence, it is important for you to let any relevant bodies know that you will be away. This includes your bank, your doctor’s office, and any other service that you might have availed during your stay. If you’re unlucky, you might have to return to get the records straight.

2. Delaying you Visa

This is a very common mistake. People often delay applying for their visa to the eleventh hour. Remember that you may or may not get a visa, and that it is very possible for your visa to be delayed. Hence, hoping for the best and applying for a visa late might stop your journey altogether.

3. Not Reading About Your Destination

It’s always a bad idea to land yourself in a country you know nothing about. Especially if you’re going to a non-English speaking country, not knowing about the country’s traditions, code of conduct, and at least a few words of the local language can land you in serious trouble.

4. Not Checking For Restricted Items

Everyone knows you’re not allowed to carry firearms. But what everyone doesn’t know is that specific countries have specific things they do not want you to carry while relocating abroad. Not checking for these items in advance can mean long delays at the airport, questioning by security officials, and even detainment until you’re backed up by your home country’s embassy on the matter.

5. Not Getting Travel Insurance

People like to push their luck. And well, so do we wish your travel doesn’t involve any hassles. But those who do not prepare for the worst often suffer with the worst. If you fall ill during your travel and have to be let off in a transit nation, you would need insurance to get you proper medical attention. Having health insurance would get you access to important facilities such as these in perilous situations.

6.  Not Getting Housing in Advance

Some people follow the logic that getting housing before you leave is a bad idea, and that one should view houses upon reaching. This is a mistake. Remember that you know nothing about the place you’re going to and it would be unwise to land yourself in a situation where you need to get accommodation immediately with all the baggage in your hands, but don’t know where to go.

7. Booking Tickets to A Nearby Airport

This is something that can seriously go wrong. Sure, avoiding airports in major cities and going for small nearby airports save you money. But consider how much it would cost you to reach your city safely once you get off miles away from your destination in a foreign land.