If you haven’t seen a Wltoys F949 plane till now, we then advise you for a check first. To our findings, you will love this aeroplane at the very first sight in view of its glittering yet eye soothing colour combinations. This aeroplane is the look-alike of a real life plane. As a matter of fact, kids love to fly this aeroplane as a favourite pastime.

Wltoys F949

Why Wltoys F949 is a true sensation:

  • Look-alike real plane: Taking a look at the plane, you will realise that this plane looks so real that your kids would be insisting on buying one at the very first sight. White, red, and black colours have been used so meticulously that the aeroplane appears to be a real one. This, in particular, blows the lid of your kids’ fantasies.
  • Fixed wing plane: It is a fixed wing plane that has been brought to you by RCmoment. This plane is strong and sturdy with its fixed wings, landing wheels, and a front propeller.
  • Problem solving attitude: While flying this aeroplane, your kids will learn how to overcome obstacles in the path of the flight. As a matter of fact, their ability to solve problems with patience and perseverance will increase manifold. This will immensely help them in later life too.
  • Plane that fuels imagination: With its dazzling colours and sturdy look, this plane fuels the power of imagination in your kids. On the flip side, your kids get rid of the boredom and become agile.
  • Synchronising the acts together: Flying a Wltoys F949 plane requires a synchronisation of mind and body since during the flight, there would be many circumstances that would require instant decision making and change the path of the flight with a view to keeping it safe. In other words, flying this aeroplane gives ample opportunities to learn the fast synchronisation between the acts to perform a task.

You will be happy to know that the product has got a 5-star review. It means people, especially the kids, find this aeroplane as a genuine source of fun and entertainment all the while their learning curve keeps soaring. In other words, you kids will continue playing with this aeroplane and will get involved in outdoor activities in lieu of watching TV or playing video games at home. This will improve their overall health, wellbeing, and the brainpower. That’s the catch.