You must have heard a lot about rising damp but are you aware of what it exactly is? Rising damp begins to occur when water present on the ground starts to rise up through the bricks of the building by a capillary action. Any building that remains unprotected by an appropriate installed course which would prevent rising damp is vulnerable to rising damp. This damp gets in through the pores of a structure and then seeks means of evaporation. The moisture continues to rise till a height where no evaporation is possible.

Rising damp treatments London

Gravity then takes over and begins to pull it downwards. This is why most of the people these days opt for rising damp treatments London. This is why it is important to identify the signs. There are certain touch and visual signs that you help you to identify the rising damp. If you ever notice peeling wallpaper, damp staining and tide marks, salts within the plaster, black mold or decayed skirting boards, it might be a wise option to opt for a treatment.

Causes of Rising Damp

The main causes of rising damp are:

  • Insufficient sub-floor ventilation – Inadequate ventilation in the sub-floors can lead to building up of humidity which means that rather less evaporation from the base wall and soil would occur.
  • Poor drainage systems – In case you have a poor drainage system, water might be directed underneath the house. Excessive leaking of storm water pipes, roofs, gutters or down pipes might also be causing the problem of dampness.
  • Sub-floor Obstacles– Any kind of debris in the sub-floor can act as an obstacle and hinder the flow of ventilation. If there’s no ventilation the dampness would never be able to escape. Therefore, this also can be one of the causes of rising damp.

Now that you are aware of the causes of rising damp, let’s take a look at a few key benefits of opting for Rising damp treatments London.

Prevents Any Kind of Moisture

When this treatment is done to the building, it would help in preventing any kind of moisture as well as moisture vapour. Associated salts along with contaminants present within the building structure would also get treated. All of these can affect the internal finish. Therefore, with this treatment, a physical barrier would be added between the old damp wall and the new finish which would ensure that any kind of moisture can be prevented.

Prolongs the Life of Internal Finish

With the help of Rising damp treatments London, the life of internal finish would significantly be prolonged. This treatment focuses on offering natural evaporation for the dampness from the structure so that it can dry quickly.

Easy and Quick to Implement

The treatment is rather easy and quick to install. However, it does depend on the condition of your walls. It might take a bit longer if your entire walls have been affected by rising damp. But once done, you can be sure of its effectiveness and longevity.

The effectiveness of this treatment would be dependent on the skills of the person doing it. Therefore make sure to consult a skilful operator for the best solution for your home.