If you are planning to install a home automation system in your home, it is important to be careful in your choice. Many emerging names claim to be better than the rest, so it is necessary to consider the quality, functional efficiency and advantages of each system compared to their peers. Crestron and Savant are two of our personal favourites here at Custom Controls. Both are excellent for providing you with a modern and convenient lifestyle at home. Let’s take a look at the functional features of both so that you can decide which one suits your home.


The Crestron name signifies reliability. It is undoubtedly the most popular name in the home automation market at the moment. The company has extensive experience of more than 50 years which makes it a credible choice. Crestron has maintained its reputation by introducing innovative features and new developments with each system they release. They offer a whole range of features including light controls, audio amplifiers, video matrices and what not. In short, it encompasses every element you could possibly wish for in a home automation system.

Every feature included is very flexible. For instance, in case of the lighting system, it is entirely up to you which system you choose.  You can select wireless lamps if you want. Similarly, depending on your budget and personal choice, you can customize the Crestron home automation system to your exact needs and requirements. It is certainly more adaptable than the competition.


Although Savant came in the industry years after the establishment of Crestron, they still offer a high-class automation system with efficient control. Savant have been providing clients with fantastic home automation systems for over a decade, and they are known for delivering satisfaction with each install they complete.

Savant systems work well with Apple devices. Unlike Crestron, Savant systems are better for flats and other small properties where no extensive customization is needed. Moreover, their systems are easier to be installed, and these are more economical compared to the Crestron automation systems. They also offer a broad range of products including light control, intercom integration and audio video control.

Which one is the best?

The system you should choose is dependent on your personal preferences, your home and the budget. If you own a large house and need an advanced automation system with multiple customizations, Crestron is suitable for you. However, for Apple fans and people with small flats or apartments, we would recommend that you should go for Savant. For advice, we would recommend you contact Custom Controls, who are home automation systems experts.