In broad terms, lamination involves applying layers of plastic film on both sides of a printed paper and sealed at the edges. This apparently simple technique is extremely useful. The process of lamination used to be a cumbersome deal until a few years ago. With the advent of modern technology, laminators like Matrix 530 laminator have made lamination a quick and easy task. Here are the top reasons why lamination using such modern devices is a great idea.

Increase in the durability of printed material

Upon lamination, the printed material gets a protective covering of plastic film on both sides. This tremendously increases the durability of the material by making it waterproof and dirt-proof and makes it resistant to rough and repeated handling and use.

Increase in the overall appearance of the printed material

Laminated paper is characterised by a distinct sheen and sturdiness of texture. It also increases the impact of printed letters by enhancing the colour and appearance of printing ink on paper. Overall, lamination gives an instant makeover to the printed material and renders a crisper and neater look to it.

No damage to printed text or images

Lamination by sophisticated and modern equipment like Matrix 530 laminator does not result in blemishing, distortion or damage to the printed text or visuals. Thus, the print quality stays the same and there is no risk of the material being damaged in any way.

Creation of better image

Properly and neatly laminated documents like menu cards, maps and bookmarks, and marketing tools like brochures and business cards get noticed immediately and are perceived to be better and more professional. Therefore, laminated documents are much sought after in the corporate sector.

Value for money

Because of versatile use in laminating brochures, official certificates or testimonials, business cards, menu cards, folders and many other types of documents and marketing tools, having an in-house laminator is actually a great way to save money. This will bypass the need to outsource lamination work to third parties. This will also ensure consistent great quality every time.

Devices like Matrix 530 laminator are the ideal partners for digital machineries and result in better quality of printed material. These laminators have many advantages over older models, for example, faster set-up, semi-automated feeding mechanism, high-speed output, integration with offset printing and digital printing and presence of auto sheet registering mechanism. These advantages, coupled with the most important advantage of affordability, make these laminators very popular in the market.