As if all the dark days, rain and frost weren’t enough of a drag, winter can really cause some chaos in the warehouse too. Whatever part in your business the warehouse plays, the effects of freezing temperatures could lead to damaged goods, delays and expensive repair bills than can seriously dent your profitability.

Be prepared

Make sure all parts of any pallets and shelves are in good condition, as braces can become brittle in extreme cold. Checking parts like this can avoid expensive breakages. While insulating your entire warehouse may not be a feasible option, try and take care of the areas where the most heat is lost – the windows and doors. Double glazing for windows will save you energy and maintain an ambient temperature, while big dock doors can be protected with a weather stripping kit.

Maintenance schedule

If you have climate control systems for goods that must be stored at a certain temperature, then plan to check and maintain them before winter sets in. Leaking pipes can also cause problems, possibly damaging goods, and dripping on the floor and into dents, where the water freezes and thaws in a cycle that leads to cracks.

Bad weather can mean more risks for staff, so make sure paths are gritted and lighting is working to avoid being liable for injuries. Snow and ice may also lead to staff shortages if employees can’t make it to work. For a guide to workers’ rights in extreme cold, see this recent report from The Independent.

 Storage solutions

As temperatures decline, make sure you bring all goods inside, and evaluate your storage systems to ensure that they are effective and up to date. If you are considering upgrading industrial shelving in Ireland, consult a professional firm such as When shopping for industrial shelving in Ireland, be sure to ask about all the latest developments to obtain the best solution for your warehouse.

While we have no control over the weather, we do have some control over how we deal with it. Build winter preparation into your calendar, so that equipment is checked and maintained well before that blizzard strikes. Start thinking about frosty situations in summer, and you and your warehouse will always be prepared for the worst.