Colour brings a home to life, whether it’s bold throughout, a muted palette or injections of vivid colour. When it comes to home decorating and home accessorising, getting the colours right is key to making your home work.

And of course, colour also reflects your own personality. How you decorate and style your home says a lot about you.


What factors to consider when introducing colour

When working out your home’s colour scheme you need to consider a number of things. The age and style of the property is important, as is the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve. Are you going for contemporary or modern? Do you prefer matt or gloss finishes?

Another factor is budget. Paints and wallpapers can be expensive so you could instead go for decorative home furnishings in the colours you want. It’s also a more subtle way of using colour especially if your colour preferences are strong and bold.

How to add colour

When decorating go for white or very neutral colours on the walls, then add your colour splashes through the interior design finishing touches.

The kitchen is one of the best rooms in the house for introducing your favourite colours. You need so many bits and bobs in a kitchen it gives you the perfect opportunity to bring in plenty of colour through the accessories.

Whether it’s salt and pepper mills, cooking utensils, chopping boards, aprons, tea towels, teapots or more, you can inject plenty of zing into your kitchen colour scheme.

The lounge is where you are likely to relax at home and also entertain friends. Small decorative items such as bowls, vases, clocks and coasters will add pops of colour while throws and cushions make bolder colour statements.

In the bedroom throws and cushions are again ideal for providing colour, perhaps set against cool white bed linen.

The dining room is perfect for showing off colourful tableware and crockery. Surprise your guests with bold plates, bowls and glassware, far removed from the white crockery and clear glasses most of us use.

In the bathroom and cloakroom towels are an obvious source of colour but accessories such as storage baskets, soap dispensers, even the toilet brush, can all bring welcome dashes of colour.

Don’t forget the younger members of the family. Baby and child accessories don’t need to be bland, without style or always about their favourite cartoon character. Opt instead for classic designs in bold colours that will stand out from the crowd.

Even your pets can have their own stylish – and colourful – products so don’t leave them out.

As a general rule remember when using colour to try different shades, tones and finishes to provide contrast and don’t be afraid to use more than one colour to provide interest and stop everything looking to much the same.