Do you have your own dream home? Do you love it? Do you value the assets contained in your home?? Well, most people would answer yes to all these questions. It is because home or property owners definitely love the home or other property possessed by them due to their hard efforts and hard work. And almost all people wish that their home should remain in same original and fresh condition for lifetime. It is seldom possible because our sweet home is more often attacked by dampness that may be caused due to negligence in paying attention to the damp proofing of all the structures at our place.

Even sometimes the damp proofing treatment done for the property doesn’t work effectively for long time and start causing damage to it. That is the reason we more often need to take help from damp proofing professionals such as damp proofing Windsor. But have you ever wondered if you could apply damp proofing treatment or damp proof your home of your own. Astonished? But it is possible. Here are some tips to do so. Most of these include prevention of occurrence of dampness.

Proper drainage system- To ensure proper damp proofing of your home, you need to make sure that there is proper drainage system at your place. There should be proper flow of water through the drainage system without any obstruction or blockage. For this, check all the pipes, gutters and other sources of drainage for any leakage or obstructions. The roof should also have proper outlet for water that may get accumulated due to rain or other reasons.

Avoid sources of dampness- You must avoid all the sources of dampness at your place. For this, you should avoid drying clothes on radiators. Use extractor fans while cooking or bathing. Keep your home well-ventilated all the times as it is vital to avoid dampness at your place.

Using dehumidifiers- To keep interiors of your home free from moisture, you may use dehumidifiers or thermostats at suitable or apt temperature. It helps in keeping the walls, floors, ceilings and other structures at your place warm and hence free of dampness. It is especially true during cold weather conditions when we can’t let the doors and windows to remain open.

Seal all the cracks or holes- It is an important point to ensure damp proofing at your place. Any type of holes or cracks in the walls or floors should be sealed properly using apt sealants. It helps in prevention of passage or seepage of any moisture content or water content into your home. This in turn keeps your home totally damp proofed.

Installation of damp detectors- You may even consider installing damp detectors at your place. It is perhaps one of the best options to prevent dampness and in turn any damage caused due to same at your place. These are the devices that help in detection of dampness at any place and make your alert about the same well-in-time so that apt treatment method may be used.

These are just simple steps that help in keeping your place or home damp proofed and that too without the help of any professionals.