Entrepreneurs and the individuals responsible for managing companies launch advertisements campaigns for a purpose. They want the general public to be aware of the availability of their brand products. These businessmen use the publicity to highlight the superiority of what they are selling. Only then can these they expect people to buy such goods for a reasonable price. This results in a significant increase in sales, which in turn boosts bottom-line profits. It acts as a catalyst in helping them expand their customer base in the market. Taking such a step allows them to gain a competitive edge over their nearest rivals. 

Joseph Cianciotto – What are the positive effects of advertisement on society?

People who want to excel in online advertising regard Joseph Cianciotto as their role model. This Carnegie Mellon University graduate is a cut above the rest in this profession. He has a long association with a number of prominent advertising agencies in New York. These include DDB, D’Arcy Worldwide, and Translation. In each of these organizations, he has the distinction of holding important posts. These are the offices of vice-president, chief digital officer, and executive creative director. In the process, he has been about to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience. Even the officials of prominent Fortunate 500 companies credit him the success of brand awareness campaigns. For this, he has won many popular industry awards for his contribution in this field. Very few professionals have been able to match this level of achievement. 

Joseph Cianciotto says most people have a serious misconception about advertisements. They believe most large corporate enterprises and small businesses launch publicity campaigns for a reason. This to confuse and generate unrealistic expectations in consumers. On top of this, such marketing gimmicks have a negative effect on today’s children and youth. He states that this is not entirely true. He points out the following 2 important positive effects of advertisements on society:

Promulgate consumer rights

This may come as a shock to most people. However, consumers in the market become aware of their rights through advertisements. These individuals then come to know their options when buying a certain product. They can then compare the quality and price of what is available in the market. This helps them make prudent decisions. Moreover, almost every government in the world enact relevant laws prohibiting misleading publicity. Companies and businesses who violate such stringent guidelines can expect severe punishments. 

An instrument of social change 

Advertisement campaigns can be an instrument in changing the public conception of what behavior is socially acceptable. This turn helps people to dispel some of their negative attitudes and prejudices over time. Such publicity also enables these individuals to form their own opinion on issues which affect them. The topics could range from women empowerment, eradicating illiteracy, or harsh punishment for heinous crimes.

Joseph Cianciotto clarifies that advertisements do a lot more than just promote the brand products of companies. They can challenge existing social norms. People just need to go through the above 2 positive effects such as publicity on most societies. They’ll to know the truth of this fact.