The current financial climate makes it difficult for plasterers to improve their earnings, but thanks to leading manufacturers of drywall tools like Tapetech, there is an affordable solution.

New and improved drywall equipment allows plasterers to complete jobs in less time than it takes using traditional tools so that you can get more work in over the course of the month and increase your income.

Tapetech is a leading brand of taping and finishing tools and has a solid reputation for producing quality implements that are precision engineered to deliver a better performance over a longer period of time.

The company’s line-up of automatic tools take plastering to the next level and allow plasterers to finish jobs quicker without compromising on the quality of work you have built a reputation for.

Finishing boxes

It goes without saying that professional plasterers will benefit from the ease and precision of Tapetech automatic tools. To give you an example, equipment such as the Power Assist finishing box will reduce the amount of effort it takes to finish corners by up to 50% compared with standard boxes.

The boxes dispense small amounts of mud so that you do not use more joint compound than you need and also feathers the edges of butt and flat joints automatically. Not only does this save on materials, but means you have less effort to put in smoothing over the compound.

The Tapetech mud pump is used for applying first coat joint compound and embeds tape firmly in the joints of walls and ceilings. The anodized aluminium box is fitted with reverse springs to give you power assisted finishing.

Mud pumps

Most mud pumps fill joint compound through the face opening of finishing boxes. Whilst this allows you to do the job efficiently, Tapetech automatic mud pumps feature quick-release clamps which make it possible to use quick setting compound.

Fitted with 20 degree angled handles, the Tapetech mud pump gives you more leverage and takes the strain off your arms and back. And because they are made from aluminium they are light and portable and clean off much more easily – again saving you time and money.

Alternatively the EasyClean pump does what it says on the tin and is highly durable. By leaving the pump in your compound mix, it will fill up for you automatically and allows you to get on with the job with the minimum of fuss. For better results add the TapeTech 90T Filler nozzle to fill finishing boxes with joint compound.
If you are looking for ways to makes your plastering service more profitable, upgrade your drywall tools with Tapetech Automatic Tools and reap the benefits of having extra time on your hands.

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