When common pests like ants, termites, bees, squirrels, rats and mice can cause a menace in your home or office, it would be wise to hand over the responsibility of eradicating these insects and rodents permanently to professionals. Essex pest control can provide you with the ultimate solution through their expert services which has been serving the residents of Essex and its neighboring areas for years together. They are the professionals in pest management who have years of experience behind them. They have knowledge about which type of pest can have their hideouts within the premises and which pests can be the most menacing in which seasons.


These pest control services carry out their work in an eco friendly manner, using materials for cleaning which are non pollutants and less harsh on household furnishing and at the same time harmless to members of the family and their pets. They will thoroughly investigate to find out the source of these pests and will leave no space uncovered, whether it be under the concrete slabs, under the foundation, within structural wooden frames or within crawl spaces. They will even take the garden under the coverage and also treat the trees to make them free of pests and rodents without causing any damage to the foliage. Having these pest control services you will be guaranteed of all round the year coverage because there are pests that are seen during a particular season. While termites can create problems in Spring, bees become active in Summer, when you can have these services attending to your call fully equipped with sophisticated gadgets to ensure that the pests are totally eradicated.

Services that Essex pest control are providing include both residential and commercial pest control that is of the highest quality with specialized services being offered for eradication of bugs, mice, rats, silverfish, cockroaches and other types of pests that inhabit homes as well as gardens. The first step that these professional pest control services will take is to locate the entry points of pests and after having them eradicated, will seal those points to ensure that they do not return. Essex pest control is one of those few companies which provide a 100% customer satisfaction on all their possum, rodent and bird removal services thus assuring you a complete peace of mind.Besides providing a fast, efficient and hypnotic removal of Pests for commercial, residential and industrial premises, Pests also provides minor building repairs to prevent the Pests from returning and minor roof repairs.

Fully insured and licensed, they provide same day emergency service throughout Essex. They are the only pest removal service in Essex to hold both a Builders License and a Commercial pest catch and release license.All detailed information on them can be found on their official website. Information on methods used by the professionals of Pests to remove rodents, information about Pests and other rodent facts can also be viewed on their website. In case of any emergency they are available 24 x 7.

Essex pest control can provide you with the best solution in pest control with their professional service that will provide you with peace of mind.