Council tax is basically a tax which is applied to the residential properties of England, Scotland and Wales which is collected by the local authorities and is used in funding their services. The question of whether the students are to pay this council tax or not remain doubtful. So, to make sure that you are not paying this council tax unnecessarily, this article will help you in guiding you the correct exemptions which are not to pay the council tax. In almost all the cases, as defined by the council tax regulations, the full time students are exempted from this council tax. Here are some details regarding the same to make sure that you are not liable to it.

Talking about the people who are not supposed to pay this council tax are:

As council tax is applied on the property and not on the people, there are some exemptions based on the kind of people who live in that property. If everyone living in that property falls in one of the following categories, then they are exempted from paying the council tax.

• Nursing students

• Full-time university or college students

• Students who are of 18-19 yrs and are in full-time education

• Children below 18 years of age

• People who are on apprentice schemes

• Is a student has come to UK on a visa which denies the right to work or claim any benefits or which has permission to work but denies any claims on benefits.

• If someone is under 25 years of age and is getting the funding from the skills funding agency or education funding agency.

All these mentioned above are exempted from any council taxes to be paid. Other than these few other categories have also been included recently and a full government list is provided through council tax exemptions department to make sure that everyone has the full benefit of it. Wondering about the criteria of who are to be included as the full-time students? JBW Bailiffs is the perfect solution for your problem. Here we guide our clients so that they can easily claim the benefits and get exempted from the council taxes.

Certain criteria is to be fulfilled before you can consider yourself as a full-time student.

• Your course chosen must be of full one academic calendar where you at least have to attend 24 weeks on regular basis out of the year.

• The course should involve at least 21 hours of study, work experience or tuition per week during the full year.

• If you are under 20 years age, then the course chosen must be for a qualification up to A level, advanced higher or equivalent and should last for at least three months period.

• It should involve at least 12 hours of study per week.

• Even the postgraduates are considered as full-time students

All the above mentioned are included in the exemption list from paying the council taxes. You are considered as a full-time student from the day one of your enrolment in any of the courses till last day including the vacation time. So in case you are falling under any of the above categories and still paying the council taxes, then you must claim your benefits with full documents. JBW Bailiffs is the best place to find the right guidance regarding the tax payments. We make sure that we get you the full claims and benefits so that you are not liable to pay any taxes unnecessarily and are saved from the same.