Privacy Protector AppLock is one of the best application lockers or application protectors that one can use for protecting his or her personal data and applications in a smart phone. This is an application that can help you in locking all your personal data like SMS messages, pictures and even videos. The best thing about this application is that it protects all your installed applications by making use of a pattern or a password. It possesses the capacity of locking all applications available on your smart phone like Twitter, WhatsApp, Camera, Line, Gallery, Skype and Gmail.

Features of the Application

The main features of this application include:

  • Locks or protects installed applications by making use of Words or PIN in the form of password or by making use of patterns.
  • The application helps in locking screen rotation and screen brightness.
  • It also helps in locking outgoing calls as well as incoming calls.

The application turns out to be very safe when:

  • Some other individual borrows your smartphone for taking a look at news, time or weather.
  • You lose your smart phone in school, office or café.
  • Your children want your smart phone for playing games or when they make changes to the settings of the phone and mess up with it.

Highlight Summary

Privacy protector provides a combined and innovative security approach which includes archiving, cleaning and encryption. In place of the obligation of using separate tools which might not be able to work perfectly together, you get the option of relying on one single solution for the application protection on your smart phone. The protector comes in the form of a well-balanced solution which helps in doing away with bloated menus and confusing settings in favor of usability and clarity. Some of the main highlights of this application include:

  • Maximum encryption for the private data of an individual. Make use of flash drives in the form of master keys
  • Users get the ability of burning and archiving data in a safe manner by way of high-security recordables.
  • Works even without passwords. Users get the flexibility of using existing images and files as the password keys.
  • Helps in finding and eliminating revealing data traces from the system
  • Deletes sensitive information permanently and completely.


Honestly speaking, Privacy protector is one of the most interesting softwares or services. It is one software that exceeds the expectations of the users with the users having nothing to complain about this software. However, there is one thing that needs to be kept in mind when using this software and that is the speed. You cannot expect good phone speed with the use of this software because the speed tends to deteriorate with the number of people using the software. The performance of the software is completely dependent on the number of people connected. However, this software is recommended for every individual who is in the look out of a reliable and a commendable privacy protection software. For more information click here