Overall tidiness not only gives us peace of mind but it is a sign of good health too. Living or working in a clean environment is a matter of great pleasure and pride. Unfortunately, sometimes the drains start blocking due to our own mistakes. The household or industrial wastages since thrown into the drains cause the problems. As such services of guys engaged with drain survey London or at other places become necessary.

Common materials for drain clearance – Following are the materials that are used to clear the blocked drains:

  • Caustic soda – Commonly available, caustic soda works wonders to clear the clogged drains. Called by the other name, i.e. Sodium Hydroxide, you can purchase this simple material from local stores or through the internet. Be cautious during its use as it contains certain chemicals that may prove harmful. Add some quantity of caustic soda into water, stir it well and pour it into the blocked drain immediately when it starts fizzing. Let it remain there in the drain for some time and flush the drains with boiling water.
  • Vinegar, Baking Soda and Salt – Make a good mixture by adding these three products in considerable quantities. Add some water and let the mixture start bubbling and pour it into the clogged drain. Let it remain there for some time. Debris including hair, gunk or grime that often blocks the drains gets cleared with the fizzing action. Take hot water and flush the drain after few hours, preferably the next morning.
  • Dish detergent – This simple detergent works wonders. Boil some water, put dish detergent into it and use it for clearing the blocked drain. Make use of a plunger for pulling out the debris from the drain.

Simple tools – Following are the usual tools that are helpful for clearing the blocked drains:

  • Bent Wire Hanger – Quite effective, this tool works well. Straighten the hanger and make a small hook. It may be pushed inside the drain for fishing out the debris, followed by running hot water.
  • Drain snake –Equipped with a long flexible metal rope and metal spiral; this small tool works wonders in getting rid of the debris in blocked drains.
  • Vacuuming – Clogged drains can be cleared well with the wet & dry vacuum. This process can be greatly fruitful for drawing the clog up the pipe into the vacuum bag.

Perfect cleaning of clogged drains – Wish to say goodbye to the debris in the drains, just consider the following:

  • Clear the pipe – It is wise to clean the blocked sink pipe by placing an empty bucket below the U-shaped pipe. Use a wrench and loosen the slip nuts. Remove the trap and empty the contents into the bucket. The old toothbrush may be used for clearing the debris.
  • Hot boiling water – Make the water hot enough to reach the boiling point and pour it down the drain in slow manners for flushing out the debris perfectly.

Challenged with blocked drains! Just follow these steps yourself or contact the worthy professional guys for unblocking drains in London or elsewhere.