Mirrors are not just needed for inspecting makeup and hairdos. When they are positioned in the right locations, mirrors can provide several levels of safety in a variety of locations. From parking ramps and lots to interiors of buildings, safety mirrors bring a level of safety and security in a very simple way. They can be used to inspect the bottoms of cars or to hide a surveillance camera. No matter what your security needs, there is a mirror that can be installed or used.

Parking Facilities

One place where safety mirrors can be seen is in parking facilities. These are installed so that oncoming traffic can see each other in curves and around large posts. They are also commonly installed near the booths were parking lot attendants work so they can see who is coming and going from the lots and ramps. They are often installed in hidden driveways and blind corners to protect oncoming traffic.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Safety mirrors are also frequently found in industrial settings and manufacturing facilities. They are found on forklifts and other working machinery. They are also often located near assembly lines so that workers can see both sides of an item that they are working on.

Safety Glass Materials

These mirrors are usually made of materials like polycarbonate, rather than glass, because they are much less likely to shatter. They are also usually convex-shaped so that employees can see more of the traffic that is coming their way or the items that are moving down the assembly line. Many of them come in round shapes, but occasionally there are rectangular ones. Exterior ones usually have safety tape trimming the edges, especially if they are installed in dangerous corners or blind driveways.

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