Starting from bedroom to bathroom, mirrors can be used in any room. Addition of this entity can enhance the over-all beauty of the home decor. In the modern times, mirrors are used not just to see one’s image prior to going out to upgrade confidence level. They are also used as an important home decorative item. They have a reflecting surface. In the earlier days, they were available in limited features but now most of them are crafted with several features.

With the advent of modern technology and growing demands of the modern customers, a wide range of such mirrors can be found in the shopping destinations. Each of them serves different purposes. Moreover, they are made of different materials and designs. Thus, the potential buyers are getting the chance to decorate their home with beautiful mirrors that match their personality.

Different Types of Mirrors Found in Today’s Market:

The fashion bees belonging to any age group have a tendency to peep into a mirror whenever they get a chance. Some need it while getting dressed up for any special occasion while some require it while they shave in the morning to avoid any cut. Thus, various people have various purposes to use mirrors.

Considering all these requirements, the modern designs of mirrors are appropriate to please all. They are available in various shapes, sizes, styles and prices. Therefore, the buyers should evaluate their features well before purchasing them so that they can make most out of them. Here is a detailed list of different kinds of mirrors, which are found these days at numerous online and local stores.

  • Plane mirrors – They include a plane and flat reflecting surface producing a virtual image. The plane mirrors also reflect the image of an object in the same size as it is in reality. The earlier version was made up of precious metal while the modern version is made up of thin plate glass. Such plate glass of the plane mirrors helps to protect the surface from tarnishing.
  • Concave mirrors – This is a type of spherical mirror in which the glass is arched inward. They are typically utilized as shaving mirrors as they are able to create enlarged reflections. This implies that the image reflected is bigger than the actual size of the object.
  • Converge mirrors – This is also a type of spherical mirror in which the glass is arched outward. They are typically utilized as safety mirrors as they are able to create reduced reflections. This implies that the image reflected is smaller than the actual size of the object. Converge mirrors are also found in corridors or parking garages.
  • Silvered mirrors – These mirrors are framed by depositing a thin metallic silver layer on the glass. Silvered mirrors are getting very popular as silver is the best material to reflect image of any object. Since they qualify the optimum level of reflectivity, they reflect any sort of wavelength of light. They are predominantly used as decorative mirrors which are an ideal option for bathrooms or home furniture.
  • One-way or two-way mirrors – This type of mirrors is partially transparent and reflective. Their finest design coating with thin layer of reflective material makes them all the more versatile. They are most commonly used in the interrogation rooms, security rooms or rooms where experiments and research work is done. Another key advantage of one-way or two-way mirrors is that they are given highest priority while setting security cameras.

So, whenever you need to buy a mirror, first you need to determine the mirror type you need to buy.