Before retirement, I made a mobile car wash franchise company, over several decades, we have established affiliates in many states. Perhaps the smartest thing we’ve ever done has been to develop not only a functional model of business, which is obviously important for the franchise, but also a solid marketing plan. After all, if you are creating new businesses in different cities, you need a plan that will work, one that makes sense, and one that does not cost much money.

Okay so, I’m sure you agree, and I’d like to talk to you a bit ‘of some of the tips and techniques when developing the marketing plan for a mobile car wash business. Let’s talk about this after reading the list below;

1. Determine the costs

2. Grid Marketing Program

3. Rental distribution teams Flyer

4. Join the Chamber of Commerce

5. Send faxes and letters of sales to related companies

6. Set-up of a program of fleet sales to businesses and government

7. Reward your customers with free services for customers reference on Route

Okay so, first of all you need to set a strong balance sheet, and determine the size of the territory. Then I recommend using a marketing program network. That is your starting grid area, and try to figure out what the best route will be to save time in traffic, and to put your best customers on certain days of the week. Then I want to hire workers distributing flyers, or you can do yourself, and hit all the business districts with your flyers and talking to customers, offering free laundry maybe once, then ask if you can put on a regular route and schedule.

While you are doing this, you should collect business cards from all the companies in the area, and send them a sales letter, and a free laundry coupons by fax. It also makes sense to send proposals for washing fleets of companies and public authorities which employ the same methodology. I’d also recommend joining the Chamber of Commerce, and maybe even a service club in the city, so that you are one with the community, and the business community know that you can trust if you come to wash the car in their offices, while people work.

Finally, and this is perhaps the most important that you should thank and reward customers who refer their friends and colleagues. Maybe a free wash or wax free, or something like this is a great way to thank customers for referrals they give you on the course. If you do this, it will keep the reference even more customers. Indeed I hope that because all this and think on it.