Today, trading in stock market is not only for the rich people, but those are for all. With a limited amount, you can also be a part of this entire stock market and make profit. Now, while you are planning to invest in a stock exchange, you need the help of stockbrokers. There are two different types of stock brokers- the full-service brokers and the discount brokers. While the full-service brokers are good for those who are dealing in huge, for new investors with minimum amount of money, discounts brokers can help a lot. The commission it charges is comparatively lower than full-service brokers and that’s why beginners often choose discount brokers. Here is the list of the best discount brokers in India. You can choose any of them to start trading. Read on to know more-

  1. 5Paisa

This is famous among newbies because it is the cheapest stock brokers in India which is the outcome of the venture of India Infoline, that is one of the most prominent full-service brokerage farms in India. It provides reports, based on free research.

  1. Fyers

This is another popular discount broker in the industry which provides free account opening and maintenance charges. The brokerage amount is quite lower as it is only 0.01%. Besides that, the client is also offered technical and fundamental analysis tools.

  1. Zerodha

Talking about discount brokers of India and not mentioning about Zerodha won’t be right. It is really one of the best of the lot as it provides high tech trading platforms, like Kite Mobile, Zerodha Kite Web, Zerodha Pi, etc. Presently, Zerodha Coin has been launched that is a cheap mutual funds investment portal.

  1. Tradejini

This is famous because the first 50 trades are free here. In case of intraday trades, this brokerage farm provides high brokerage or leverage. Though the leverage charge is quite high, it has numerous trading and investment products to offer its clients.

  1. My Value Trade

It is famous for its unlimited brokerage plan that is Rs 1000 per month or Rs 10000 per year. The trading platform is gradually improving and soon it will be as famous as its contemporaries.

  1. Upstox

This discount brokerage is popular for free delivery trades. The performing trading platforms, specifically Upstox Pro Web is famous for web-based browser trading application. You can also open your demat account at absolutely free of cost and the maintenance is also low.

  1. Trade Plus Online

Traders can go for monthly brokerage plan that is based on percentage. The customer service facility is quite upgraded, like Twitter Bots.

  1. RK Global

To open an account here, you need a very minimum amount and the annual maintenance charge is also quite lower. The unique feature of this discount brokerage farm is that it offers trading calls and research reports on the basis of market research, unlike other discount brokers. The customer service is also good.

These are top 8 discount brokers in India which is perfect for the traders who want to start with long scale before diving into the ocean.