A flawlessly planned trip always has fewer chances of breaking your bank as it takes care of both the good and the bad sides immaculately. So, how far will you go to plan an insured vacation in Europe? Yes, you heard that right. Even holidays in Europe can be planned for safety if you have the E111 a.k.a. EHIC card that gets you fully covered when you have an emergency illness or an accident on trips. But if that card is old, then “No”.

So, go for an E111 renewal if your card is not valid any more. Your card comes with an insurance plan that lets you claim a treatment at a very nominal or sometimes even free of cost when you or someone else in your group turns accidentally seek or injured. What’s more, your claim will be valid in any of the 28 member states of the European Union under the statutory social security scheme of the EEA (European Economic Area). Let’s see how.

The E111 As the EHIC health card

Sometimes the over-excitement of a journey keeps the travel emergency ideas at bay. If this is the case, make no mistake, to pocket the EHIC (European Health Insurance), previously known as E111, card at the last moment as it could save you a lot of money, especially during emergencies like birth and other critical treatment with its right to access the state-provided medical units in another member country like France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Spain or Switzerland and more.

What your card brings you

Well, as the E111 refers to an old term previously used for the treatment claims by the tourists visiting the European countries, you can now call it the EHIC card. The best part is, the European jurisdiction allows all its travellers with a valid EHIC card, to stay in another member state under the safe medical supervision and not return to their homeland until the treatment is over. What’s more, the card comes for free. However, the advantages of your travel insurance card don’t just end here. There are more.

Following are the key benefits…

  • Preexisting,
  • Maternity care,
  • Renal dialysis,
  • Oxygen,
  • Emergency treatment,
  • Other chronic conditions.

How to renew your card

Got an old card? Go for an instant E111 renewal. Make no mistake to put every single detail correctly on your form before you finally hit the submit button. Remember, every single traveller in your group, parent or child, needs to have a separate card so that you can bring your emergency claims to home for each one. However, carefully check the websites for EHIC benefits of each of your destinations as countries like France doesn’t disburse a free treatment and doesn’t cover the costs of your private healthcare, or services that don’t fall under the purview of French state healthcare.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get off your couch, visit a trusted website and fill up the application form. It takes not more than 7 days for your EHIC Insurance card to arrive. So, get ready for your European dream holidays that are fully insured with accidental claims anytime anywhere.