When you are using a platform for downloading the apps, then switching to other platform is a mess. But if you are really looking forward to an alternative, then the best you get is 9Apps. Many of the smartphone users must be familiar with this platform but for those who have not heard the name before, we are here going to mention some of the best features of this platform. But first, let us tell what it is actually and how exactly it works.

This is a platform which is a collection of all the content you need to download from the internet. It is a hub of all the apps, videos, ringtone, themes and wallpapers even. You can find the apk version of most of the apps on this platform. This will serve as one platform for all your needs. So now coming to the features of this app which makes it stand out tall among others, below are some of the points.

Mini Size

Its mini size to the things which it holds is amazing. Even the latest versions of this app never cross more than 10 MB which is very convenient to use in any smartphone. They are even compatible with the android versions which are more than Android 3.0. So this problem is also not there along with the size issue. So you can use this really small in size playstore for all the things including games and ringtones.

Free content

Not only you will get all these contents on this play store, but you will also get them for free. They do not charge anything when you are using this platform to download anything from the internet. There are plenty of games and apps which are available on this platform which are free of cost and you can enjoy them anytime you want. You are all set to download anything from here for free.

All sorts of contents

In this platform, you will be able to find plenty of apps and games of all the versions. There are so many things which are available on this platform and you will be able to get them here. Some other play store might not have what you are looking for, but with this play store, you will get what you are looking for.

Speedy download

Nobody loves to wait for the things to get downloaded on their smartphones and it becomes so much frustrating. But with this app, you can actually enjoy speedy download. So you can have 9apps fast download and the content as well. This is really a good feature of this app. It makes the best use of your internet speed and uses it to download the content which you wish to download.

Well, these are just some of the features of this app which will make you use this app once in your smartphone. This app is also available for desktops and pc as well. So you can enjoy the contents and gaming on a bigger screen as well.