The toilet remains to be one of the most overlooked element of your home and does not need too much of a maintenance besides regular cleaning. However, what many people fail to realize is that toilet is apparently an integral appliance of the bathroom that is often taken for granted. Although, your house may be equipped with the finest toilet systems that have been operating for years without any major problems, still you may experience leaks, running water, and clogs that demands attention.

To help you know more, this article explains the top 5 common toilet plumbing problems that you might suffer from at some point or the other, along with the best time to contact professionals for immediate help.

 1. The Toilet Overflows

Spilling of water from the toilet is a sign of mechanical problem. Even caused by the slow leaks of tanks, water keeps on running itself, as it was recently flushed. The reason behind this mess can be a faulty flapper that requires cleanup. However, before doing that, make sure to drain the bowl and the tank. Still, if cleaning the flapper does not solve the issue then it is advised to hire a credible plumber near you who will come up with the much-needed services on time.

 2. Slow to Empty the Bowl

If the bowel tends to empty slowly, then this can be due to clogged holes situated under the bowl’s rim. Also termed as “weak flush” this issue should be addressed at once so that minor obstruction does not take the shape of a major clogging. Therefore, the moment you notice weak flush examine the area using a curved wire to get rid of any debris or caked particles that might be present in the hole.

If the problem still exists then seek help from a professional who specializes in toilet plumbing.

 3. Seal Leaks

Toilets consist of five seals, and each seal might have leakage problems that would affect the efficiency of toilets. For fixing this, you have to identify the seal that is leaking and then tighten it to prevent further leakage. However, there are times when the seal might be broken or damaged largely. In such a scenario, you will have to replace the seals so that the water does not seep out when you flush. A good practice is to notice the condition of the seal and then inform plumbers for toilet plumbing services at once. Professionals will analyze what the problem could have been and consider whether the seal needs repairing or replacement.

 4. Clogging

Clogging is a common toilet problem that most of the homeowners have to suffer from. Though a plunger does the trick, but there are times when the situation can turn worse and you would need immediate assistance of a professional.

The thing is if your toilet is prone to clogged drains making plunging almost a ritual then get in touch with your plumber to discuss why the problem recurs and what are the various steps that can be taken to overcome the same.

# 5. Trickling Water into Tank

There are times when people complain about hissing sound coming out of their tank. This usually happens when water trickles into tank from the supply line. If the sound is heard continuously then this means the water is entering into the inlet valve. First, check the issue and then determine whether you need professional services or not.

No matter what your toilet plumbing problems might be, having professionals around is considered the right solution. Because, this not only solves the issues on time but also at the same time protects the quality and durability of your plumbing systems.