Pregnancy is indeed a wonderful thing to happen to any woman, as it takes her into the next phase of life. But there are various complications, issues and pains that may accompany pregnancy that one has to know about in details and do some research about it. This will actually help them to stay safe and to avail immediate medication and remedy, so as to be pain-free. Often, pregnant women are noticed to experience severe back pain. As she will be carrying a baby, it is not just not possible for her to take just any normal oral drugs or medicine to get relief from the pain, as it is might affect the baby inside the womb. The chances of having side effects will only increase if medicines are taking without consulting the qualified physicians. It is very much important for the pregnant woman to be aware of what is to be done and avoided to avoid and minimize such extreme back pains and other issues and to enjoy the different stages of pregnancy.


Back pains are commonly caused due to the increasing weight and size of the fetus that is growing inside her womb. She is required to keep shifting continuously for accommodating the increasing demand of the fetus for space. Some change can also be seen in the gravity center due to the abdominal region expansion. Such conditions are likely to force her to take up wrong postures for compensating the changes that are experienced by her body, which actually leads to back pain.

Even though there is expansion of the abdominal region, it is not however, accompanied by corresponding increase within the body’s back portion. Thus, extreme pain is caused, as the back starts to weigh down.

The progesterone level escalation at the time of pregnancy is said to make the joints and ligaments within the pelvic region to be loose and soft. This is to facilitate the baby’s delivery. Moreover, this loosening tends to affect support that is provided to the back, thus causing extreme pain.

Again, severe back pain might be experienced during the pregnancy’s last stages. This is more so, especially with the nearing of the delivery date. Some labor pain could be genuine. However, at times, it could also be false. The gynecologist is to be consulted from time to time, in case, acute pain is felt in the back portion. Medicine for back pain during pregnancy is better taken after consulting a reputed physician.


  • Correct posture: It is necessary to maintain correct posture, when sitting, lying or standing. She is to stand straight and not in bending position. She is to sleep not on the back, but on her sides.
  • Cold and hot applications: Warm water tub bath or ice packs can be placed on the back if pain is felt. This is entirely depending upon personal disposition. Light pelvic exercises as advised by the physician including medicine for pain during pregnancy should be used.

Being careful can help the pregnant woman to give birth to a bonny baby.


  1. Totally agree with your above blog, pregnancy is an important phase in a woman’s life and once it starts she needs to fulfill all the demands that are required by the fetus inside her. The pain that women have to endure are immense such as back, hip or knee pain. All the pregnant ladies will find this blog useful and will keep in mind to use such tips in the upcoming future.Good job thanks for posting.