If you are a car owner, it is needless to say how big a responsibility to have on your shoulders. Whether your car is a new one shining on the road, or one that has been with you for more than a couple of years, there would be some unavoidable truths and facts, collected from the Hyundai dealer serving Winter Park, that is necessary for any car owner to know. Here is a brief account on those:

Know Your Car

Someone said it right, that buying a car is easier than running it. As a car owner, there are some basic information that you need to know. Here is a list of those important things you must find out.

  • Personal identification
  • Your insurance provider
  • Documentation for insurance and
  • Car Registration Papers.

The best way to keep these set of information handy is storing it inside the glove compartment and not to displace them.

The Car Manual Can Save A Lot

It is a common tendency among people to store the car manual in a place and simply forget about it. But that is the basic mistake they commit. The car manual carries a lot of information that is specific to the make of your car, the specific model, and even the year of its manufacture.

The manual is the best clue to your maintenance tasks that is arranged in the perfect sequence of priorities, both in terms of time and the condition of the car.

Learn the Basics of Maintenance

If you are a novice, the manual will guide you even through the process of oil and filter changes, fluid flushes, wiper blade replacement and when to get a set of new tires. Once you get to know the basics of car maintenance you can learn it further in time and through experience. All you need to do is learning the following:

  • Checking the engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid.
  • How to jump your car in case of a dead battery
  • How to replace a tire.

The “How to” articles and DIY Videos can be of great help in learning all these.

Keeping an Emergency Kit Handy

Situations on road are always unpredictable. An emergency kit is the thing that would help you in bad times. Keep a set of Jumper cables, spare tire, flashlight, car fluids, coolants, a first aid kit along with a set of screw drivers, hammers, wrenches always ready in the trunk.

Don’t Ignore Recall Notifications

According to the best Winter Park Hyundai dealer, responding to the car recalls is basically one of the most important steps towards safety. It is a repair done from the manufacturer’s side to replenish the manufactural defects. Ignoring them would lead to big regrets on the road. Moreover, you might have to repair the same at your own cost if you don’t respond to the recall service in time.

The Bottom Line

The above said facts on maintaining a car are to save the car owner from the probable hazards that might come up at any point of time. A precaution in advance can save the owner a lot of time, money and energy besides saving the car itself.