Everyone is aware of the dangers of drowsy driving and how it can wreck your life if suddenly you feel sleepy while driving and you didn’t even realize it. It is also a known fact, that unless it is too necessary no one wants to go for it. But here we aren’t talking only about drowsy driving, here we are talking about highway hypnosis, which is typical of highway driving, as the conditions are entirely created by the highway scenarios. Highways mostly look the same all through the way. The monotony, the uniformity, the smoothness of the road and no distractions all join hands playing a lot of psychological games with the driver’s mind. The result is too violent to describe.

So, what can we do to avoid such fatal incidents? The experts from the Lebanon Chevrolet dealer shared some valuable answers:

  1. Avoid Driving Alone

If possible, try the best to take a companion with you while driving on highways. That way the safety is assured at the basic level. Your companion can keep you engaged in conversation, if he or she knows driving, then it can be shared in turns. The risk of isolation would be eliminated, and it would be of great help if your car faces any technical difficulties in the middle of the road.

But, things get difficult if that is NOT an option.  The following options would come handy then.

  1. It’s Party Time

Make the one-man party a success. Put on a little bit loud and rhythmic music to let the rhythm pass through your veins and there you are, singing all the way.

A Party without drinks! No, that’s not done. Carry enough number of soft drink bottles. It keeps you awake at least to some extent. Keep a bottle of chilled soft drink at your side. Take one or two sips, when there is no other option, but to drive. The chill, the fizz, the sugar would give you a small push to drive another furlong with your eyes open.

  1. Indulge in Some Caffeine

Coffee! This caffeine content might not be an inclusion in your daily life. But give it a chance to save your life, while nobody else is there to take care of you on the road. Carry a flask of coffee, and take a gulp of it, whenever you can take a small break.

  1. It is Time for A Timer

Put on the timer in your smartphone or in your in-car App, and put the timer of say 15 to 20 minutes. Keep snoozing whenever it rings and continue this till the end of the journey. It would keep you awake at every 15 minutes.

  1. Make Good Ventilation Your Companion

According to the Chevrolet dealer serving Lebanon, keeping the ventilation switches on and off can be of great help. Let some fresh air do the good in keeping your mind and body fresh. Keeping the windows open would also let other normal sounds enter the car, which would cut down on the monotony. The visuals and the horns of other vehicles would keep you alert and you won’t feel that lonely any more.