You suddenly get a call from your boss, and he asks you to leave for Bengaluru immediately for an important meeting. You prepare yourself for the conference and start packing. You look up at the Delhi to Bengaluru flight schedule and pick out the best price for your flight. Travelling can end up being painstakingly very stressful. Ensure you stuff in your entire luggage into one bag so that you do not have to carry multiple bags. Then maybe you ought to sprint towards your boarding gate after checking in and obtaining your boarding pass. Oh but wait, you have to carry your pet along too! What if there is no one to look after your dear one? What if the pet cannot stay without you? You have no option but to carry the poor little thing along with you while traveling. There are a few precautions you must take to take your pet along with you on your trip.

Take your pet to the vet before the flight. This is the first step, and perhaps the most important one. You have to make sure that your pet is capable of making the long flight journey. Your pet must be prepared for the flight. The vet will do a complete check-up and make sure your pet is in sound condition. According to experts, animals with pushed in faces (brachycephalic) find it hard to survive a flight journey. For example, pets like the bulldog, pugs, and Persian cats have short nasal passages. This, in turn, leaves the poor animal with lesser oxygen to breathe. This may lead to a heat stroke. Also, senior dogs and young dogs (puppies) also have high immunity and are susceptible to stress-related illness. So, they form the best candidates for taking on a flight journey. Ask the vet if your pet needs any pills or injections so that he/she does not feel nauseous during the trip. Some pets might find the sound coming from the plane somewhat intimidating. Maybe he requires a pair of ear muffs.  

Speak to a representative from the airline beforehand; tell them about your travel plans. Some airlines can impose a lot of restrictions on pets inside a passenger airline. Familiarise yourself with all these rules before you buy tickets for both you and your pet. Make sure you do not break any law so that you do not end up arguing with the officials for not being let on to the plane along with your pet. Try to keep your pet as close to you as possible inside the cabin itself to ensure your pet is also comfortable, and you are relieved. Do not keep your pet in the overhead bin!! There are cases of dogs being suffocated when held inside the overhead bin. Also, the cargo area for placing your pet is the last resort. There might be risks with temperature changes and ventilation. Ask your airlines about everything there is, pertaining to your pet before finalizing on your travel. The friendly airline customer will be more than happy to help you out.