British people really love animals, from the cute hatchlings that little ones love to stroke, to garden wildlife that we feed through the colder months. However, when it comes to dogs and cats, most people do have a preference for one over the other, even if they have experience of keeping both as pets.

Pop psychology suggests that those labeled as being specifically ‘cat’ or ‘dog’ people have fundamentally different personality types, but does this have any basis in truth? Is it possible that identifying as a cat lover reveals more about you than you may expect?

Based on various pieces of research carried out around the world it seems that there are several broad generalisations that can be made about cat lovers, mostly when compared directly to those labelled as dog lovers.

These are:

1. Cat lovers are generally more intelligent…
…and open to new ideas and self development. This makes sense, as cats are very similar in nature, while dogs need a lot more direct stimulation.

2. Cat lovers often have dominant introvert characteristics…
…and are more independent than dog lovers. This can be seen in cats in the way that they are able to look after themselves; no need to walk them and communicate with other cat owners.

3. Cat owners like affection…
…but the love is as and when suits both parties! Dogs need full time commitment. And that’s what cats provide. Love and cuddles on their terms, and the cold shoulder when they feel like it, while dogs crave attention 24/7, which their owners like.

4. Cat lovers are more likely to be liberals.
.Some think this is because a liberal’s attitudes to social structure is about giving other living things respect, space and support. Which is exactly how they live happily alongside a cat.

Something all pet owners have in common is that they love to show off their fur family. There are lots of personalised goodies around, like cat lap trays from outlets such as, which is both a useful item and a great memento.

Exactly how accurate this kind of thing can be is difficult to know, and any dedicated cat fans are unlikely to really care! They know their own minds after all, and don’t need validation from anyone on the net.