Mumbai is called the city of dreams and it certainly lives up to this name give to it. Thousands of people come to Mumbai in order to change their fortunes and make their dream come true. Some of them succeed and some of them fail. The economic capital of India houses a whopping population of more than 20 million that makes it one of the biggest cities in the world.

The one thing that has helped in enhancing the popularity of Mumbai is its Hindi film making industry Bollywood. That is the second fiddle only to Hollywood. This has led to Mumbai a home of larger than life superstars. There are produced hundreds of movies in Mumbai captivating the audience worldwide.

Mumbai is not all about the Bollywood. The fact that it has lots of tourist spots has made it a perfect destination for the tourists. These spots let you visit some important parts of history and modern culture. Historically Bombay was united from the seven islands and is situated on the coast of Arabian Sea. Here are the places you should definitely visit in Mumbai-

Elephanta caves

These caves let you have a treat of history on your tour as they are dated back to as long as 5th century. These caves are located on the eastward side of Mumbai and have engravings of Hindu lord “Shiva”.

The Taj Mahal hotel

This hotel was built with the vision of J.R.D. Tata. It is one of the most pioneer luxury hotels of India and is beautiful in every aspect as it is made to look like Taj Mahal.

The Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is a cult of modern architecture and faces the Arabian Sea. It is a major tourist place and has been a trade monument to define Mumbai.

Siddhivinayak Mandir

It is the temple of the most adored and most loved god of India that is lord “Ganesha”. It is one of the wealthiest temples across all in India. The temple attracts lots of celebrities has made it more popular.

Haji Ali dargah

It is one of the most famous Dargahs of India and is located in the south Mumbai. It showcases a beautiful blend of Islamic architecture with its Indian counterpart.

Street food

If you went to Mumbai and didn’t taste the famous Vada Pav there, then you have definitely haven’t tasted the real Mumbai street food. Like every other Indian city, Mumbai also have tons of street food options to deliver.

Juhu beach

Mumbai city is home to several beautiful beaches and the most famous of them is Juhu beach. It is the cities most beautiful landscape and popular tourist destination.

Marine drive

The one thing that a person imagines whenever the name of Mumbai comes to his mind is the Marine Drive.  This popular road shape as an alphabet “C” is a trademark for the economical capital of India.

Mumbai offers you with some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes of the world. It has lots of amusement parks that certainly are worth watching. The film studios are also places of interest and these are the things that make Mumbai a place to visit once in a lifetime.