Lehengas are quite frequently bought by many ladies and girls for several auspicious occasions and events. And, Delhi is considered as the capital for selling designer lehengas of top quality. So, here is a check of some of the markets in Delhi which specializes in selling lehengas.

Chandni Chowk market

The bustling and crowded Chandni Chowk market is one of the most famous Bazaars of the world. In India Chandni market is regarded as one of the most popular markets of the nation. Here at Chandni, you can get all types of things, especially— garments, traditional clothes, electronic items, utensils,jewelry, accessories, shoes, bags and various other things, etc. The Chandni market is famous for having many narrow streets which are dedicated to selling one particular item or thing. For instance, there is one particular gully or a stretch of road which is dedicated to selling only designer lehenga cholis. Here you can find several types of lehenga cholis as per your choice or even as per your budget. The cholis that you can get here will be in immaculate in quality, and you will always get exclusivity in the lehengas here. In the price section, lehengas here can start within the range of rupees 7000 to 8000 and can go up to lakhs of rupees or so

Karol Bagh market

The very popular Ajmal Khan Road market is famous for having several top quality garment stores. If you are looking for bridal lehenga cholis, then you would find tons of options here. The Karol Bagh market is home to several bridal lehengas choli selling stores and that’s the reason why you can find tons of options if you are a “to be abride.”

Here you can find choicesin all types of budget and ranges. The inexpensive ones can cost you about 10000 rupees, but here you can even find the expensive lehengas which can go upto 3 to 4 lakhs of rupees. Karol Bagh is considered as a moderate but an upscale market hence that’s the reason why there is so much diversity in the price

The Connaught Place market

The C P market is famous for housing several high-end outlets and showrooms of most famous lehenga choli designers of the country. All high-end brands have a store in this area. The Connaught Place market is regarded as one of the most prominent and upscale commercial district & markets inAsia, and that’s the reason why you can get lehenga cholis here which are expensive and quite immaculate in all aspects.Here you would find options which are absolutely exquisite and designer bridal lehengas which are exclusive in nature. Most top Indian traditional cloth designers have a shop in Connaught Place, and here they offer the best designer lehengas to the public.

So now that you know all about above mention markets, you can easily go out and check them to your heart’s content. We are sure that you would always be able to find top quality lehengas from the above-mentioned markets as per your budget requirements.