When you have a powerful PC and time to spare, free PC games or Jeux Gratuits are the right direction you should go. Not only does it provide hours of inexpensive entertainment, it will also be a great experience that you will find interesting and memorable. If you have ever played these games before, you will realize how addictive they can be. Also, the different genres of games ensure that there is enough choice for everyone. There are plenty of choices in sports-related action, strategy games, logical games and games that involve repetitive of special skills.

If you are a beginner, you may be unsure of what to try first. Our suggestion is to first find the right Jeux Gratuits site that offers a range of free games, and explore the different choices available. The brief summary of the game on the website, as well as web reviews of the game should give you a clear idea of what the game involves. Once you find one that looks interesting, try it out. You can always continue with it or move to another game if you aren’t fully satisfied.

Simple PC games to begin with

It is always fun to start with a game that you can relate to. Titles like Lego Ninjago and Star Wars are likely to sound familiar if you watch movies. So, you may naturally be drawn to these games. We suggest you start your gaming experience by downloading one of the games that fall into these series first. You will find yourself transported into the movie universe, which will obviously be familiar if you’ve watched the movie or are familiar with its plot. With levels that advance from basic to skilled, you can slowly enhance your gaming skills and progress along in these games.

Sports games: It is one of the most favorites of all games among the players. You can play a variety of games including football, boxing, racing, hockey, and many more. You can acquire the persona of your favorite sports star or be the leader of a whole team. There are also other sports related games like NBA2k18 or F12017 that recreate the sporting atmosphere through virtual simulations. Whether you like football, basketball or sports car driving, enjoy the virtual version of these games to experience the same satisfaction as you would on the field.

How to begin playing

The first step is choosing the games to try. Once you have done that, you can easily download the required files from the website, provided your internet connection supports the data needs. Then follow the installation instructions to set it up on your PC. It is a good idea to also have the essential gaming peripherals like a special gaming keyboard or laser enabled mouse to enhance the experience. Then take note of the instructions that precede each game. The first few attempts may not get you great results. But with practice you can build your skills and progress across levels in the game.