Locals in the Gloucestershire town of Cheltenham have started a petition to keep its Whole Foods store open. Amazon acquired the chain of stores in August this year, and the petition is aimed directly at them, although a spokesperson had advised the proposed closure is unrelated to Amazon’s acquisition of the chain. In Scotland a similar petition is vying to keep open the store in Giffnock, near Glasgow.

What Does Whole Foods Sell?

The stores not only provide a wide range of food products, including those which meet the needs of certain dietary requirements, but it also sells a range of health and beauty and cleaning products that are considered environmentally friendly. Alongside the shops, the restaurants provide a meet-and-greet place for people looking for a good-value healthy snack and drink.

Changing to a Healthier Lifestyle

There has been a significant rise in sales of organic and healthy foods over the last few years or so, with more and more outlets opening to cater to a more health-conscious nation, so it’s easier than ever to have a healthy diet. Organic fruits and vegetables can even be delivered fresh to your door these days, and the advent of the smart watches and fitness trackers means that more and more of us are checking our activity levels.

Even takeaway fast food has seen an overhaul and is now offering healthy alternatives. The NHS provides some advice on how you can make healthier choices when having a takeaway.

Takeaway food has long been a staple in the UK because of its convenience and relatively low cost. It’s far easier to walk up to a serving counter and order your food ready to eat than it is to have to prepare and cook a meal from scratch. Businesses about to start up in the food preparation sector who are looking to purchase the appropriate equipment should look at companies such as www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk.

So the general advice from health professional remains as it always has: make healthier food and exercise choices in our lifestyle to live a longer and healthier life. However, the people of Cheltenham and Giffnock will have to wait to hear the future of their Whole Foods stores to discover if they’ll need to find somewhere else to make their healthy purchases in future.