Rising damp is a matter of great concern for all of us. Excessive moisture causes lot of problems. Those living in building premises affected with enhanced dampness are prone to many health problems including respiratory disorders, asthma and cough etc. Damp causes other harmful impacts too. The plasters on the walls, paints and other valuable items get deteriorated due to this menace that puts the people to huge financial losses too. Many a times the entire buildings need to be demolished and new ones have to be erected.

Many people are engaged in providing apt solutions to get rid of damp. Large numbers of companies including the prominent Damp proofing company have also jumped into this field. Candidly, the task of facilitating the valuable services for saying NO to damp has become the preferred choice of millions of persons across the globe. They make their livelihood through this noble cause that relieves the sufferers from the ill effects of damp. Those engaged in this helpful activity perform their task to the entire satisfaction of the persons that suffer from damp. Following aspects of damp proofing task make it a noble profession.

  1. Social Service – Damp Proofing is considered as a way of serving the persons by relieving them from the menace of damp. Millions of people in this world are fed up with damp that makes their lives quite miserable. It is not only the buildings or other valuables that get destroyed due to damp. Various health problems also attack the sufferers that are prone to excessive damp. Thus, the persons that adopt damp proofing as their career are considered with great respect by the people that avail their valuable services. The society at large is benefited in a big way by these noble guys.
  2. A way of livelihood – Damp Proofing is the source of sufficient income for the persons that are engaged in such tasks. It has become a popular enterprise throughout the world. Millions of persons are employed in the task of damp proofing. They earn their bread and butter through this noble task that fulfills the requirements of the persons suffering from damp. Famous companies like Damp proofing employ thousands of workers, damp proofing specialists and office staff. Thus the task of damp proofing gives employment to large section of the society.
  3. National service – Damp Proofing companies and private persons opting for damp proofing tasks are a matter of great pride for the respective states too. People constitute the society that in turn is the basis of various states. Thus the people engaged in damp proofing services serve their respective states. They protect the human health, their properties and other valuables.
  4. Environmental benefits – Rising damp poses great threat to the environment. Excessive moisture can pollute the environment in a big way. Thus the people or companies engaged in damp proofing tasks protect the environment from ill effects of damp.

Damp Proofing is one of the respected enterprises that have become much popular amongst large numbers of people across the world.


  1. I appreciate the clarification of damp proofing. Stakeholders worry about rising humidity because it could damage buildings. Capillary motion, which causes ground moisture to slowly ascend through masonry walls and floors, raises hydrostatic pressure and wetness. Water can reach levels in the wall or floor that cause rot and decay, weakening the structure. It will surely be going to help us a lot. I appreciate your efforts to write this post. Thanks.