Found a dream house but have grumpy neighbours and a less than ideal neighbourhood? Read on to know if you should buy the house or not.

India firmly believes in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, but some buildings and localities have probably never heard of the phrase. At least that’s what you will feel when you go house-hunting and find yourself in a building that is anything but welcoming.

Not just the building, you might find that the locality does not have enough shops and recreational facilities, and that transport is scarce. Do you really want to purchase a house with so many problems around it?

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The neighbours.Suppose you’ve liked a house you want to buy. The house buying process is as simple as finalising your deal, paying up the money and stamp duty fees, and taking possession of the house. But then you discover that your neighbours are not a friendly lot. You might ignore it at first, but hostile neighbours can make life difficult.

Most neighbours are hostile to single people, and especially to live-in couples. Others to invite their ire are people of a certain religion or background, and people working in the entertainment industry are also viewed with suspicion.

You might feel that you will be hostile as well – after all, their prejudice is not your problem – but you might need neighbours in times of emergency. Try and break the ice; after all, it is your job to make friends with them. Try and establish a basic dialogue and after a while things will improve. If you feel that their unfriendliness is because of some factor out of your control – your gender, your marital status, your choice of work or your religion – you should not buy the house.

Necessary utilities.Have you checked where the nearest bill paying facilities, bank branch, electricity and gas companies are? These should not be too far away from the place of your residence, or you will waste precious time travelling to and from them.

Then there is the question of the locality where your house is situated. Whether a family or a single person unit, every household requires a grocery store, chemist, a small restaurant, a tea shop, a doctor’s clinic, a taxi or autorickshaw stand, and such utilities. These are basic amenities and you can’t do without them. If the building you live in is far from the nearest general store, you have to question the location of the house and if it is worth it to live there without basic amenities in sight.

Recreation.People also forego such important utilities as bus stands, entertainment centres such as cinema theatres, restaurants and shopping malls in their haste to buy a decent, reasonably-priced house. However, people are not machines – they do not merely work and come home to sit in front of their TV sets with their dinner. After work, they need to unwind and relax with their friends and families. If there are no avenues for entertainment close by, you might want to reconsider your decision to buy that house.