Doing good means doing positive things, just like what a philanthropist has been doing. A philanthropist is mostly tagged as people that are rich enough to fund initiatives that can better mankind. Initiatives that puts humanity back into society, by doing a good deed on a massive scale. Not every rich people are a philanthropist and not all people can be one.

There are many philanthropists that are not known or known worldwide, but regardless if they are known to be one or not, the fact is that they already made a difference and funded some initiatives that made lives better. It can be in a form of a generous donation of investment on projects that can potentially have a positive impact on humanity like finding a cure for cancer for example.

Why do they do it? It depends on their purpose, their conviction and what they believe in. But one thing is certain, what they believed in made them invest. Whether it’s to put bitcoin on the map, provide internet on a global scale, have a cure for cancer, make burgers out of stem cells cheaper and so on. As long as their purpose and goal are right, as long as it’s a good deed, it’s definitely philanthropy.

The million to billion dollar question: Surely you already asked yourself or wonder, what if I’m rich, what will I do with my money?, surely you would buy either one or all of these things. A mansion, a hypercar, a luxury yacht, some really cool sneakers, the most expensive jewelry, probably even replace all your teeth with gold, get some really expensive gears, even hire a chef to cook for you every day and even hire an army as a security. But not these guys, instead of buying that (they already had that anyway) and just invested in something positive.

If you have the capacity, would you do it? It all depends on you whether you do it or not, but if you want to test if you really have that capacity (if ever you’re super rich), then try to help an old guy carry his groceries, help the old lady get across the street, give food for the homeless, give a vehicle to that guy that has been walking 10 km every day from home to work and back for 20 years and ask yourself how it made you feel. If that felt good, how does doing that a hundred times over, how would that make you feel? Spending your extra cash that you probably won’t even spend even if you reach 1000 years old. If you felt good then you have that tendency.

Hunter Perret was in that situation and he chose to be the philanthropist and did something good. He is an underrated philanthropist, but that did not stop him from caring, from investing in things that he believed to be something that can benefit humankind. Surely he already got those questions and he chose to do the positive thing. How about you, will you be like Hunter?