Working at heights is not easy or safe. Those who opt for professions in the construction sector or washing windows, painting of the exterior of buildings are always at a risk of accident. These accidents tend to be fatalistic in nature. You need to ensure of the roof anchor points to guarantee the height safety factor. As we know all types of jobs require some safety equipment’s and employers need to understand this and look for height safety equipment and roof anchors for their construction projects. These roof anchors can easily safe you from height and you can climb on the under-construction high rise building with these anchors.

Roof Anchor Point:

This roof anchor point is normally used with the other PPE (Personal protection Equipment) like lanyard protection systems or the harness. You have a choice between the temporary and permanent anchor points and the choice needs to be made in accordance to the requirement. Before opting for a specific anchor point, you need to consider

  • The type of forces these anchor points have to withstand.
  • The type of work to be carried out
  • The type of anchor points which can be connected safely to the lanyard.
  • The part of the roof this anchor point needs to be attached to

In case you are not too sure you can seek advice from the qualified professionals dealing in different anchor point installations.

Factors to Be Considered for Roof Anchor Point Installation:

Number of People:

The system of this height safety to be used depends on the number of people working at one time. An anchor point can support few people at one time but if there is only one person working at a height you can think of a temporary anchor point installation. You need to have multiple anchor points in case you have to employ a complete team. Another feasible option is the horizontal lines which offer freedom of movement to larger extent. But before installing these roof anchors, you must check the base of these anchors. In this case, you can take help from experienced professionals because they can easily install these roof anchors on any height.

Difference between Fall Arrest Anchor Point and Rope Access Anchor Point:

There are two main differences between the rope access anchor point and the fall arrest anchor point. The fall arrest anchor points should be able to withstand the impact that they will face in case the person falling from a height suddenly comes to a halt. It is due to this that the ultimate load for the fall arrest anchors point access is 15kN. The load rate for the rope access anchor is only 12kN as these systems are less affected by the impact.

Point not Used for Anchor Installation:

It is advisable to have information on which points can be unsuitable for this installation of anchor points. Listed below are some of these.

  1. Light fixtures
  2. Standard Guardrails
  3. Lanyards
  4. Vents
  5. Wiring Harnesses
  6. Pipe vents or ductwork
  7. Rebar
  8. Scaffolding
  9. Standard railings
  10. Fans
  11. Roof Stacks
  12. Plumbing or Conduit

Opting for the Company:

Conduct a search online and look for a company with reputation and experience in this roof anchor point installation. The qualified professionals can guide you on the type of anchor required and also install this in the right manner. Proper installation is a must as this concerns the safety of the worker.

Ensure that the anchor points offered are tested for quality purposes. It is advisable to get some sort of guarantee on these. Compare the prices of the different companies, ensuring you are offered an anchor point at a cost-effective rate.