Fake identifications are becoming very popular lately, partially because people before the age of 21 are not allowed to legally drink in the United States.  Without a fake identification, you could not even feel the taste of beer before you are 21 and got your ID.

Years back, it used to be very hard to get a fake id because you needed to visit the “bad neighborhood” to get one. Now, with online businesses becoming popular, people have invented smart ways of selling id’s online.

These days you can go to a website like BeyondFake ID’s and you can get a fake but very real looking ID for less than $100. Once you complete the order by inserting your personal information and uploading your id photo, the ID will be shipped to your home in less than 5 days.

All of the ID’s that BeyondFake make are very real looking ID’s with all the features that real ID’s have like hologram and UV marks. If you take your ID to a club and show it to the security person, he will never notice that the ID is fake even if he passes it under a scanner.

Many people are very skeptical about ordering ID’s online because they are afraid about not getting any product at all because of the illegal nature of the business. However, BeyondFake and other websites are also listed on the verified seller list on Reddit and other websites that are very authoritative in the niche of fake ID’s.

If you go and read some of the recently published reviews you’ll see that a lot of people who have ordered an ID from BeyondFake are pretty happy with the product they had. Some people even say that the delivery time was even shorter than 3 days. Other websites that sell fake ID’s are very slow with their shipment and depending on the circumstances, it may take up to 30 days to get your ID delivered.

Teenagers using fake ID’s

There are over 2 million teenagers in the US who are currently fake id owners. Big part of them who got poor quality ids are sometimes getting caught by security guys. There’s a risk that a security guy may call the police and report you but that almost never happens because as I said above, there are dozens of cases like this each night in front of a club.

If you get caught by the police for using a fake identification you may end up in jail for the same night and released the next day under a small bail. The government is now thinking about adding heavier charges for under aged teenagers who own a fake ID but the real people who should be punished for doing that are the ones who are allowing for fake identifications to be sold online.

Our advice is to avoid using or buying a fake ID and to just be patient before you are allowed to legally drink. If you want to try alcohol before you are 21 then ask some guys to get you a beer while you are at the supermarket.