In an effort to cut costs, businesses are increasingly turning to automated systems. When you phone a business it’s normal to get a recorded menu system, and increasingly there’s a move to artificial intelligence to handle simple queries.

But here are some occasions when there’s no substitute for letting your customers talk to a real person rather than directing them to a website. You can save money with wholesale VoIP termination rates, but some elements of the call centre still need the human touch.

Handling complaints

Levels of customer satisfaction across the UK are generally pretty high, but there are always exceptions. If someone is angry and wants to make a complaint then the last thing they want is to deal with an automated system. Speaking to a sympathetic human can ease the situation and help resolve it quickly.

Complex problems

Many customer service issues are simple, and for these an automated response or a direction to an FAQ section is fine. When the problem is complex, though, you need a person involved so that they can understand the problem – it might involve different departments for example – and provide the correct solution.

Busy, busy, busy

We lead increasingly full lives, which is why we often turn to the internet for information. But if you have to spend time trawling through several pages of a website or multiple layers of a voice menu to get to where you need, it can be frustrating. If you can put your customer through to someone who can answer their question fast – and with a minimal wait time – you’ll keep them happy.

Poor connections

Although your business may benefit from Wholesale VOIP termination rates thanks to fast internet access, not everyone has a great connection. If your internet access is slow it can be much easier to pick up the phone and speak to someone rather than wait ages for web pages to load.

Finding the answer

It’s one thing to put the information customers need on a website, but you must make it easy to find. If it’s hidden away then people are going to call instead, and if they’ve spent a frustrating time searching your website to no avail, they will want to get an answer quickly from someone who knows what they’re doing.