Travelling to another country may require someone to have the Visa with them. They have to hold this to stay in the other countries legally. Some people are taking their advantage of visa on the arrival of Vietnam airports; this is because this is very much convenient for their lives. This is going to be easy for people to require them in this manner.


They can very easily get their stamps without any hassles. They are not at all required to wait in line for an hour or wait for the postal services to deliver the letter they are required. They can even apply online and wait up to two days for the letter of approval to be emailed to them. But, before all these things, you should know that there are various types of Vietnam visa. But, in this attractive and frequently changing world in these days, many people all around the world can get their online Vietnam visa instead of applying for the Vietnam visa canada or to some other countries, and they are not at all required to wait for long time to get the visa. This helps them greatly to get visa instantly.

In addition to that, they are also having some obligation to get the visa approval letter from the immigration department of Vietnam, after that they are able to get the visa upon arrival at the sea ports, international airports, border land crossing in Vietnam.

If everything is obtained legally and easily, then why do you frustrated to get online visa rather than following some traditional methods of applying for visa. This is quite interesting to note that applying for the Vietnam visa on the arrival is straight forward just with four simple steps. Just follow these steps if you want to apply to get Vietnam visa for Canadian.

Fill out the online application form and submit the application: This starts by filling out the online forms to get visa and choose the visa option in which you want to get. There you are required to fill the exact personal information which perfectly matches with the passport. Some important details include, number of applicants, type of visa, expectation of travel, arrival airport, and the proposed time of visiting.

Make payment: The second step is making the online payment, and by that one can receive the confirmation of visa through an email immediately after filling out all details. Mostly all types of debit cards and credit cards are acceptable for making the online payment.

Getting approval letter: After receiving the confirmation of online payment, one can receive the visa approval letter within two working days. When the process is finished completely, the visa approval letter is scanned and then sends it to the provided mail id. Arrive and get visa stamped: The approval letter can be presented clearly to the smartphone and then it will be printed when you come to Vietnam airport. So look at the process, this is very much easy to get the visa, try to apply for visa right now and get your visa instantly.