Whether you are going to live in Braintree for a long time or are just there for a few weeks on a tour, chances are that your options when it comes to accommodation are renting a room or staying at a hotel. While hotels do offer quite a lot of facilities and are a pleasure to stay in most of the time, they are also expensive and are not a good idea to live in if you are considering a long stay. On the other hand, renting a room has a lot of problems that need to be taken care of, such as bills, cooking and cleaning. In short, accommodation is always a big worry in the minds of people moving to various locations frequently. A good way to relieve you of the stress is serviced accommodation. Here are some of the features of serviced accommodation that you need to know about.

  1. Daily Food

If you live in catered accommodation, you do not have to panic about cooking. Most of the times, there will be cooked food ready for you at regular intervals. There are fixed times when breakfast, dinner, tea, and supper are served so that you do not have to go hungry or even worry about cooking for a day. Also, you don’t have to worry about having food that you don’t like being served to eat, because most people who live in catered accommodation are given a choice to pick among three or four different meals that are cooked on that particular day.

  1. Cleaning

Most of the time, the cleaners will do their job while you are gone, unless you prefer that this not happen. Cleaning involves vacuuming your house, cleaning the toilet first and then clean shower also, cleaning the kitchen or hot plate if you have one, as well as making sure that there is no dust exist in your house. Some cleaners also take care of the sheets of your bed, should you ask for it.

  1. Special needs

If you are a person with a handicap or have special needs that need to be taken care of, serviced accommodation can employ workers that help you go about your daily life activities. For example, if you are in a wheelchair and have to be aided to your house or on and off bed, there are personnel trained to do this for you. Furthermore, if you need emergency support of any sort that cannot wait, you can have personnel around the clock in your accommodation or complex that can help you go to about them.

  1. Covered in the rent

Don’t think that you will have to go through a separate hassle of paying money to the service personnel of the serviced accommodation in Braintree. All you pay is the rental that you’d usually pay for your apartment, only this time it will include the cost of the bills, the food, and the payments made to the personnel available for your service at all the time.