The new Galaxy S7 gadget of Samsung has come up with all its varied type of specs and features in it. Now at this moment we know much about it which helps us to know a lot that how the phone is going to be and how it’s working pace will be. But still now the thing which is becoming difficult to inherit is the looks it is going to have.

But now some more rumors have been heard about the body design and uniqueness of it. The Galaxy S7 is going to have a unibody design and the body is going to be made up of magnesium alloy chassis which will make it light and classy.

The other predecessors of this flagship such as Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge were launched with the aluminum frame and the other older predecessors of this flagship were made up of plastic. Recently, Galaxy S7 is to give the best to its users this time it is coming up with the usage of stronger magnesium alloy to make it a next-generation smart phone. This particular alloy is said to be stronger than the other material used in this flagship.

Galaxy S7 smart phone is being made smarter with all its fresh features like:

  • Bigger spaces with 4 GB RAM
  • Rear end Camera of 30 MPs and front with 10 MPs
  • Octa-core with 64-bit Exynos processor and a 3.5 GHz speed
  • Resistant to Water and Dust
  • Addition of 5G connectivity facility
  • Internal Memory with variations like 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB

The Galaxy S7 phone is again said to have two more new variant of different screen size which varies like 5.2 inch and 5.8 inch screen size. It is again said to have a 4K display resolution to make it alive when used and both the screens rumored to have different pixel density.

Recently, it has popped up that it is going to inculcate in itself the 3D Touch technology as used earlier by the Apple recently. Galaxy S7 will be made pressure sensitive so as to get the best out of it.

As the days are passing so more rumors are popping out from different places and sites. It has been said that official announcements about the specs and features introduced in Galaxy S7 is going to be cleared in the early 2016 and the launching of it is said to be in the month of August 2016. All the Above specs and features make it very unique in its field.

Now let’s wait and watch what other new things are going to be rumored about this Galaxy S7. Samsung has been always very surprising and amazing in its field to make its fan happy with all the new introductions in it.

This is not the limit again with the release Galaxy S7, it has been heard that another bomber is on its way.