Just like every other person in the world, you too want to live a happy, peaceful and most importantly, secured life, and that is where insurance comes into the picture. Who doesn’t want to live a healthy and safe life? Oriental health insurance not only offers you the most affordable and suitable health policies, but also makes sure that you are fully satisfied with the services.  Rural or urban areas, Oriental health insurance is at your service anywhere and everywhere. It gives you the much-needed comfort in an era where the cost of medical facilities is sky-rocketing high.

Some would say it is a waste of time and money to invest in a health insurance plan, but as much as we all want to be optimistic, we have to be ready for the future, for better or for worse. Here are some advantages of having a health insurance plan-

  1. The insured people can prevent any major disease from happening by going for a regular checkup which would not only work for the betterment of their health but would also help them from being diagnosed of a major disease.
  2. Life is unpredictable, and to handle that unpredictability in an effective manner, you can extend the insurance cover to the insured persons parents/ in-laws, spouse or your kids so as to ensure a better and healthy generation.
  3. Having the right and properly chosen insurance policy makes you tension-free of the long and quite expensive bills associated with the medical treatment.

Some of the main features of the health plans offered by Oriental health insurance are as given below along with cashless treatment and lifelong renewability being the primary one.

  1. One of the main reasons for Oriental health insurance plan being much liked by its consumers is that it offers no initial screening for up to 55 years old individuals. So, you can easily enjoy the policy without being worried about your pre-existing illnesses.
  2. You can also get lucky by enjoying attractive discounts on premium.
  3. It has the advantage of providing you with the comprehensible health coverage by availing the best insurance plan according to your needs and suitability.
  4. If you are not satisfied with our services and don’t have a nice experience, you can easily switch on to another insurance provider of your choice without facing any sort of hassle from our side.

Now the question arises, why should we buy Oriental health Insurance? To answer this, here are some advantages that come with buying the oriental health mediclaim policy –

  • All your in-patient expenses such as room rent, ICU charges, OT charges, medical bills etc. are covered in this plan.
  • Domiciliary treatment expenses are also covered up to a certain time period.
  • The availability of the maternity coverage for infant and mother.
  • Based on the selected plan, donor charges also get covered for organ donations.
  • According to section 80D of IT Act, 1961, there are tax benefits available for the payment of insurance premiums.

There are plenty of plans available according to the suitability and affordability of the insurers. Individual, or for your whole family, Oriental health insurance keep your requirements in mind while formulating any plan. Some of them are –

  1. Individual Mediclaim Plan
  •  Applicable for people till the age of 80 years.
  • Coverage of expenses related to Surgeon, Medical Practitioners, Consultants, Specialists fees etc.
  1. Happy Family Floater Plan
  1. Overseas Mediclaim Plan
  • Offers protection cover for all medical expenses on any trip outside India.
  • Various categories of plans are available based on the requirement of the traveller.
  1. Group Mediclaim Plan
  • Complete coverage of a group of the family member or corporate employees.
  • Expenses incurred towards anesthetist, surgeon etc. are covered under this plan.
  1. The Jan Arogya Plan
  • Protection cover plan for lower and middle-income families in India.
  • Periodically renewable and quite affordable.
  1. Group Healthcare Policies for Bank Employee or account holder
  • Oriental Bank Healthcare Plan – For the Oriental Bank of Commerce’ account holders.
  • Punjab National Bank Oriental Royal Healthcare Plan – Protection plan to any account holders/employees of PNB.
  • Mediplus Plan of Thana Janta Sahakari Bank – For any account holder/employee of Thana Janta Sahakari Bank.
  1. Health of Privileged Elders or HOPE Plan
  • Entirely planned for Senior citizens’ hospitalization in India.
  • Availability of TPA service.
  1. Pravasi Bharatiya Beema Yojana (PBBY) Plan
  • Offers special advantages to NRIs staying abroad for employment purposes.
  • Policyholder women emigrant is offered maternity benefit expenses leading up to 25,000/-.

You have the complete freedom to select any plan you want to and give it a try. We understand your concern for your family, and that is why we would only serve you the best.

You can also easily compare all the policies offered by other insurance companies at Coverfox. By doing so, it would not be a tiring task for you to choose what is good for you and your family.