Laundry care is an important field for Mile, a German manufacturer known for important innovations in the manufacturing of washing machines. Mile creates a wide range of washing machines, dishwashers and laundry care products, designed to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. While not all washing machines have all the features listed below, it is a good idea for search for a Miele washing machine that has as many of them as possible.

The honeycomb drum

A patented Mile feature, the honeycomb drum makes your clothes softer after washing. The feature also protects the integrity of your laundry, as the water slides on the honeycombs and does not create forces to pull at the fabric the clothes in the washing machine are made of. This means that there will be no pulled threads and that your clothes will be soft and in great condition, even after a thorough cleaning.

Save the amount of detergent used

In this day and age, it is important to think about the environment and using less detergent when washing is part of the efforts made to pollute less. With the AutoDos feature you can find in a Mile washing machine, you can regulate the amount of detergent used, no matter if you use powder or liquid. And all is done with a simple press of a button, so you do not have to manually disperse the detergent. According to figures, consumers can save up to 30% of the amount of detergent they normally use, plus, it is safer for the environment.

Less ironing time

Mile products are created with the consumers’ needs in mind. For this reason, the company introduced a new feature called SteamCare for their washing machine. You can use this feature in two ways: to smooth down dry garments that have been worn only once and are not in need of washing; and to include with a washing program so that the creases in your clothes are smoothed down and makes it easier for you to iron them. This feature can reduce the time needed for ironing your clothes with 50%.

Stain removal made smart

Certain stains are harder to remove than others, but with a smart Miele washing machine on your side, you will be able to make your clothes look as good as new. The stain removal feature makes it easy for you to program what kind of stains you want removed. Up to three different types of stains can be efficiently removed with a single program, but there are plenty of options to try out, as the best washing machines made by this company can remove up to 22 different types of stains, for impeccable clothes for the entire family.