God is the creation of the entire world and every living thing. It is known that there are many religions available all over the world and hence every religion have separate God. There are certain people who don’t have trust in God will definitely trust that some power is behind everything. Christians worship the lord Jesus and they always follow the words of Jesus. The complete words have been written in book of worship known as the Bible. This book will provide the complete details about how to get the success in life. The Sunday classes are available for the youths to transform themselves as a right person to lead a happy life. These examples present the faith of god by knowing the past and the spirit of the immortality. The Hebrew bible is the first bible in the world which conveys the actual spirit of the lord Jesus. The bible is interpreted into many languages to pass around the faith of god and the narration of Jesus all around the globe. Really useful youth bible lessons are the lessons which help in providing clear information about friendship, family, respect and various other terms to change the nature of the people in the perfect way. The main lesson in the Bible says to have friends and to be best friends for ourselves. The bible is the collection of various good things that should be performed in the current world to get a peaceful life. 

To find a friend, be a friend

The bible acts as the key to have the loyal friends or gaining a friend in the foremost spot. The bible says that you first you suffer to show yourself friendly.

The trust of a close friend

The true friend will keep one friend secrets within himself. The bible proverb says one who covers and forgives an offense of the friend will seek love, but one who repeats or harps on a matter separates even a close friend. A trustful friend should not gossip the friend’s fault and he/she only act is to forgive all the faults. If you gossip continuously about your friend’s secrets, then soon your friendship comes to an end.

 Friends tell you the truth

The friends will correct you by saying your mistakes directly and tell the truth if it hurts you. The bible states that a true friend will always thinks to provide goodness for him/her. They never think in the bad way to suffer the friend. They will act as the well-wishers for us. The true friend says you fault directly not to hurt you, but to guide in a right path. This will result in getting a good name in the entire world.

Choose your friends carefully

In everyone’s life, the critical part is to select the true and loyal friend because getting a good friend is very rare in the current world. The friend must be good in character because his character will reflect on your character. Bad company will corrupt the good morals at every time. If your friend is a quick-tempered person soon your character may also change as a quick-tempered person.

The fact is that everyone’s life is filled with at least one friend in their life. There is something special about having a good friend who corrects our mistakes and lead us in a right path. The bible says our friendship is the symbol of the god. Like these things the bible shares the moral values of all the people lead a beautiful life. It mainly says all goodness is the appearance of the god. Those are really useful youth bible lessons for them to success in this world. The bible motto is to spread the good things to younger generations and to bring the belief about the lord Jesus and to bring the faith in the god’s power and the god.