A classic touch, some elegance, comfort and warmth is what you get with the presence of traditional rugs in your place. With their authenticity surpassing time limits, modern craftsmanship and technology has further contributed charm to their style.

Not everyone has an eye to discover the revered beauty among their intricate patterns or tradition-rich designs nor can they pamper it with ideal care and affection. Offered in an assortment of colours, material, and in sizes ranging from small and medium to large and even extra-large, the traditional rugs collection at Rug Spot has all the perfect deals in town to suit every lifestyle.


Influenced and possibly originating from Persia, these oriental rugs make use of a floral style, some of them, more specifically, incorporating culturally significant motifs and Kashmiri traditions. The Kashmir 1403 is, likewise, a dazzling piece of art to adorn your building. Machine-made, easy-to-vacuum while being stain resistant, non-shedding and colourfast, it allows you to enjoy forever its bold yet soothing floral design and lacy cornices.

New York

Another little beauty of a collection that you should consider is New York. Yes, a few of them do borrow the Kerman, Bidjar, and Yalemah designs of Persian weavers and yet the traditional rugs in themselves are the some of the finest in this area. The design and colour combinations blend in and complement each other so well as to leave their beholder mesmerized. Observe their curling vines, the central medallion and diamonds, the cornices or the floral borders that would captivate your attention. They are never going to go out of style. Decorate any room and watch them enhance the interior. Create that impression.


Providing vibrancy and warmth and, yet, still having us wrapped around its stunning gold fern, the powerful pattern of the divine French lace has been rated a bestseller by a majority of our customers. Still ruling their hearts, the strategically-designed Scottish-like thistles, too, are perfect for those seeking masterpieces for their house on a limited budget.

The finesse in the work and the quality of the material used makes them invaluable investments to capture that feel and look of magnificence. From the perspective of designing, kids rugs do improve the appeal of any space by accenting the colours already splashed around them in furniture and on walls. Traditional rugs, besides relating one to the historic origins, will be your ticket to sophistication. And, even though, ideally they work best with formal places (dining and/or living rooms), including them in casual settings help to make your individual statement.