In trading all people are not in a position to control the loss, if they could control the loss at least to some extent, they could come back next day and invest again make profit. In case, if the person is meeting only loss, means it is dangerous for his financial life. This is a bad position that person should have to recover from all losses and make fresh profits only after that, such person should have to quit trading. Especially, money market is fluctuated market; there will not be same price to invest. The price will increase to high; the price will go down to low or very low. The common idea is when the currency is very low in price, it is better to buy and stock. At any time, that country could get development and the price of the currency will be high, the investors will be quite happy to receive their money after the investment. In other case, a currency of a country will not be reducing and keep increasing without a limit. In that case, a person can buy that currency at any stage. This is not stable, the same country currency will become low, and in that, time loss is unavoidable. Therefore, it is hard to understand to avoid loss and make profit in money trading. However, there are many people with potential knowledge are earning regular income only from money market. These people are able to make profit from a tool, the tool informs them to where to invest, where not to invest. When the currency is low in price what the investor is supposed to do now, all details make the investors to earn huge money. In many cases, it is required to make regular investment for a tool or tips to earn money from money market.

Just onetime investment and finding a tool is seldom, in such a case, an investor is investing only onetime for the software. After that, the income is regular to him, apart from that there will not be big loss to the person who understands the software designed for investors. The person who lost his entire money is only learning very keen about the money market and trading in forex. Only after that, his mind plans to design software to help others in investing money on money market. In that condition, that person naturally is an altruistic person, he has faced heavy loss; he feels, that next person should not face the same. In that condition, bringing, forex edge model, even the price of the software will not be high to buy, the software is sharable by one or two means, and this is a boon, to a new investor who is willing to invest, earn money, in the forex. There many people attracted to forex, they invested huge money and lost all their money. The reason is because of the fluctuations in the market, the price of a currency will change every minute, and it depends upon the activity of the country. In a country there is a gold mine is found, even this news is big news and the currency of the country will be increasing and keep increasing there will not be decrease. The government will check the possibility of procuring gold after mining. In calculations, the government finds the cost of labor to bring the gold, hiring people for this project. In case, the government finds there will not be big profit even after procuring the gold, the government will drop the idea of mining gold. The price of the currency will go to very low, now. All invested people will be facing huge loss due to the above incident.