The deteriorating global climatic conditions and ecological balance has been one of the corner-stones of discussions amongst the political leaders as well as environmental activists for the past decade or so. The emission of green house gases has had an adverse impact on the whole climate and which has eventually triggered calls for safer alternative to the traditional forms of energy. As a result the use of green energy is being advocated vigorously. The green energy is significant since it essentially relates to the fact of producing power via renewable sources of energy. The diminishing natural resources is a concern especially with the population estimated to rise at a more rapid pace in the future years and hence there is relatable danger of non-renewable sources of energy getting exhausted.

The different forms of green energy and their uses:

Since there has been a great clamor across the globe to switch to alternative forms of energy that are safe, healthy and green, the experts have come up with a host of green energy sources as well as products. These green energy sources help a great deal in preserving the natural resources and keeping the climate clean at the same time. The basic fundamental or functioning of the green energy is based on three fundamental concepts: Preserve, recycle and re-use. The essence of using green energy is also about exploiting and harnessing the renewable sources of energy to meet the energy requirements of the consumers. The main or primary sources of renewable sources of energy are water, sun and the wind. Thus the equipments or mechanisms that primarily use these three natural resources are being developed and promoted for the cause of green energy. Amongst the various sources of green energy equipments the solar energy products are very popular and are estimated to be the future of energy consumption. Let us have a more detailed look at the solar energy products, their uses, advantages and the mechanism involved in some of those solar products.

While solar heaters amongst other solar products are fairly common there are some other solar powered products which are being used on a trial basis to see if they can be effective and practical enough to be used on a permanent basis for the future. Solar powered cars, engines and other equipments are being manufactured on a trial basis, some of them have even attained mainstream status, and a lot of other innovations are under process to ensure that we preserve energy as well as maintain the ecological balance of our system.

Working of solar products and other green energy sources:

The solar powered products are gaining in prominence and one such product is the solar powered heater, also known as solar thermal system, which is being used for heating water in many homes as well as offices these days. Let us take a brief look at how it functions and the mechanism behind it.

In solar thermal system, there are installations of solar panels on the roof. These solar panels receive the solar radiation or rays from the sun and transform into heat or thermal energy. The thermal energy produced is then sent down via channels to bathrooms, kitchens etc in the houses or offices to power the thermal solar products. The solar thermal energy is used for various utility purposes including heating the water in a solar heater, heating the room, swimming pool and a range of various other industrial uses as well as purposes.

Apart from solar system the wind turbines, heating pumps, rain-water harvesting, and bio-mass boilers are some of the other green energy products popular in the market.