For those who don’t know, Raksha Bandhan is most famously known as the Hindu festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and his sister. However, while this festival does place maximum focus on brother and sister, it also aims to strengthen bonds between family members and loved ones alike. 

Initially, festivals like this were relatively unknown across the globe but with the introduction of modern technologies starting as early as televisions, awareness has spread rather quick. With the introduction of the internet, it doesn’t matter how popular the festivals or events being celebrated are. They are documented wherever they are celebrated and shared with the world online. As a result, lots of people are given knowledge about other cultures, traditions and festivals across the globe. So, let’s look at the impact the internet has made on the upcoming festival of Raksha Bandhan. 

Probably the most significant change the internet made to Rakhi and other festivals is the creation of online marketplaces where people can buy and sell festive goods and pooja essentials. This has made shopping for festive products easier than it’s ever been before. 

Back in the day, people had to head out to their local markets in order to find the things they need. This practice was especially annoying because of the large number of people flocking to these markets at the same time. Plus, the heat, bargaining and overall fish market feel didn’t really help create a welcoming environment.

With the internet, all you need to do is head online and search for websites that feature your favourite products or the website you trust most. Plus, with so much competition online, it’s easy to find pretty much whatever you want, at any price you want. 

But perhaps the biggest difference the internet has made, not just to the festive market but to every market ever, is that it now offers exquisite delivery services that can have your products or services sent anywhere you please. This includes delivery to foreign countries. Which conveniently brings me back to Raksha Bandhan. 

Back in the day, if you and your family had a member living abroad. You could forget about celebrating any festival with them… You could send them Rakhi’s and other festive gifts, but it was not only a long process, but it also costed a lot of money too. 

We now have online Rakhi delivery to USA that can have your Rakhi’s sent over for a fraction of the effort and a significantly lower cost thanks to economies of scale. Pretty much every brand dealing in pooja or festive items has started this service. Even brands like Amazon and Flipkart offer online Rakhi delivery services to USA and other countries that have a large number of Indians. 

Plus, you can even plan out video calls using apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook. That way, the family can celebrate and perform the traditions together like they never left each other’s side. Not only will this help parents feel closer to their children in other countries and vice versa, but it’ll also help anyone who’s feeling home sick, feel just a little bit more comfortable. At least for that particular day.

Plus, with the celebrations and traditions reaching foreign countries like USA, we are slowly, but surely raising awareness about our culture and the beautiful festivals that are part of it all.