Basic rules for safe driving during the summer holidays.

Check and replace tires

Before you get behind the wheel to go on holiday always remember to check for wear and tire pressure ..

How to load your luggage in the car
Load the luggage in the car is crucial to the safety of your trip. In case of accident a suitcase placed incorrectly, it can turn into a real bullet …

The driving position
If you have a long journey it is essential to sit in front of the steering wheel properly. Say goodbye to positions “lying”, for one hand on the steering wheel or even worse seats against the wheel “so you can see the road better” …

How to deal with a curve
The sea is getting closer but you have to deal with the last corners of the promenade, you’re sure to address them in the best way? Many motorists have the conception that the curves must be tackled in acceleration, nothing more wrong …


  1. Yes the first rule you have written is correct, tyres usually burn faster on the road in summers so before going on a long drive you should always check your tyres once. Every other rule should also be followed. I liked how you have written these rules simply and everyone can understand them. Thanks for this helpful content, appreciated.