The intake manifold is necessary for dust suppression and decontamination of air pollutants, in all places of work where they use harmful products (or that develop during processing) by inhalation and harmful environmental pollution . Important also quieter system in order to prevent noise pollution.

A suction system that provides for dust suppression and filter contaminated air serves to preserve the airways of workers if the plant into operation produces a deafening noise produces noise, then you need earmuffs to protect the ability of ‘ hearing.

The more recent history in Italy has shown that the problem of environmental pollution has not been addressed as it was, the recent events (even begun so many years ago) who had (and still have not finished) life-threatening problems for people ( the use and abuse of asbestos worked without appropriate protections, or the dispersal of fumes from work) and several harmful to the environment.

The problem of environmental pollution is more timely than ever, at all costs to produce low-cost (in the face of irony) and people to work without adequate protection kills them, and a little ‘more slowly kills the environment. And unfortunately, diseases of the respiratory system have increased, this says a lot that you should always have about the environment, from, or through, even from the protections in the workplace.

A local exhaust ventilation is used (corrected even where not required by law) where you do the work on the most diversified products, companies in the chemical, mechanical, textile, painting, carpentry, electronics, etc.. Processes that produce smoke, dust, gases, vapors, regardless of the laws and regulations of toxicity, are substances that should not be inhaled or dispersed as usual.

Basically, the system must purify the air that collects inside before releasing it outside, and inside the place of work must always be present with proper ventilation in the presence of operators. The recirculating air is permitted only where there are no toxic pollutants which must finally find expulsion outside after the filtering phase, the expelled air must be free of any pollutant, or otherwise diluted in such a way as not to be harmful.

When you need the presence of operators in an environment with pollutants, even in the presence (mandatory) of the suction PPE must necessarily be employed to protect the health of workers, then the RPE (filter mask) are indispensable.

Each system must be designed and engineered for each specific work environment and based on the pollutants present,